The iPad gets into a fine art gallery: Howard Greenberg leads the way!

On our last trip to NYC, we made a stop at one of our favorite buildings in Manhattan: The Fuller Building.
Stocked pretty full with some great galleries, a standout for us is the Howard Greenberg Gallery.
His sensibility speaks to us in the consistently high grade shows, and yes, we have purchased from them.
Chances are you won’t see the massive prints of Gregory Crewdson here, but you will see a Saul Leiter show. The classic are where they tend to go, so if there is a vintage print you’re after for your collection, we highly recommend this gallery.

OK, back to the iPad involvement.

In the mid 90’s, Elisabeth Biondi became the visual editor at The New Yorker magazine ( you should get the iPad version. Probably some of the best writing in a magazine today) and she was charged with increasing the photographic presence in the publication.
And she did.
By working with a core group of some of the best portraitists, photojournalists, and editorial photographers the pages became punctuated with images throughout, surrounded by the brilliant writing. A perfect match.

Highlighted in this show are some of the portraits used in conjunction with feature articles on people of note.
There are iconic images, as well as photographs you most likely missed, unless you have been a subscriber.

Get ready to spend some time though, because the gallery has added a deeper experience with the images:
When you walk in the door, mounted to the wall on your left, is an iPad on an extendable arm.

They have downloaded each of the corresponding articles to the portraits, for you to read.
Each article is separately laid out on the iPad shelf, and you know, just a tap and a swipe will get you through.

It will truly enhance your understanding and appreciation of each image.
This use of the iPad, was the first we’d seen in a gallery, although on a recent trip to the Getty in LA, there were iPads and headphones all over the current Pacific Standard Time exhibition.

The New Yorker collection itself is well curated by the person who was in charge of that dept at the mag, Elisabeth Biondi.
Not to be missed, it goes till Oct. 22nd.

Maybe you’ll be tempted to pick out a gem for your collection, and leave your iPad out so your viewing guests will get that same experience.

The set of PDF’s are not available as a set, unless you go through and download them yourself, however.
hmmmm, maybe a new publication medium; on the wall and in your hands.
There is only one iPad at the gallery so read, but be polite to the other viewers.

Howard Greenberg Gallery
41 East 57th Street, Suite 1406
New York, NY 10022
Tel: 212-334-0010 Fax: 212-941-7479

Photo to the right:
©George Silk, Cartoonist Charles Addams, 1948

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