Unique. One of a Kind. Old School by a new master. Michael Shindler and Photobooth SF

The biggest cry from the intelligentsia collectors of photography with the advent of digital photography, was the fact that the images could be replicated an infinite amount of times.
Of course we all know that, honestly, no artist wants to make unlimited copies of a piece, and even the level of inks in a cartridge will affect the digital print.
So, not as easy to exactly replicate.

However, when you use a classic process like a Tintype, you create a unique piece everytime.

Using wet plates, shooting fast and processing as fast, there is a practitioner today that brought his artistry to Brooklyn this past weekend.
Michael Shindler, based in SF, is what we call an overnight sensation 20 years in the making. (click on his name to read more on the process)
What he brought to Brooklyn was the opportunity to get a portrait made, for families, couples and single people, that will be unlike anything you have seen before.
And true to Brooklyn Williamsburg style, He was set up in a huge bar,replete with skinny jeans, piercings, ink, and some great hair.

Sure, it could’ve been a tough location. But Michael and his team set up a workflow that was amazing to watch: one person coated the metal plates, and processed, another ran the wet plates after development out to a drying box, and then they all doubled up on handling the business end of it all.
A joy to watch. You may have done events with digital and a printer, but imagine using chemistry and darkrooms with the same speed.

Now don’t get too hung up on the tech part here. Amazing and unique for our times.
It’s the artistry of Mr. Schindler that is the key. And a very talented photographer is he.

after chatting with each subject;

he’s ready to test the flash and take the one shot.
yep. ONE shot.

They made over 200 unique, one of a kind, one shot, last forever, personal portraits that will no doubt live with the people fro a very, very long time.

As you can tell, we are big time fans of Michael Shindler and PhotoboothSF.
Not only should you have him at you next special event but imagine his work in fashion/editorial field.
This will go huge. And you know about it now.

As photographers, everyone looks for that thing that separates you from the rest.

This guy found his.

Oh,and if you’re in San Francisco, make an appt, and stop by to have yourself immortalized in a tintype. You won’t be disappointed.

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