Our favorite curator emerges refreshed : Aperture’s New Look

It has been a stalwart in my photographic life.
The masters celebrated, the true heirs to the throne, the risk takers, the visionaries.
Aperture magazine has always been there it seems, with the finest quality printing, Succinct,scholarly, yet accessible articles, and some of the finest books we are lucky enough to have in our community (and on my bookshelf).

The magazine has taken on many shapes and sizes in it’s lifetime, but high quality was always bound into every issue.

When they recently went digital, I jumped aboard that train as there was a huge stack of beautiful mags sitting in the office. Just sitting.

I figured if a quality pub like Aperture goes to the iPad, it’s got to be great. And it is.

New people join the organization and see opportunity. Design opportunity.

And just to get back to the initial title of this article, we need curators. Perhaps the most important entities today. With the deluge of images, coming down like an avalanche, we need a trusted eye to help us sift through it all. An eye that can point out the things we miss.
An eye that opens our mind, ignites our passion, and inspires.

Welcome to the new format of Aperture magazine.

210coverLarger, perfect bound, sassier, and with the same exploration we’ve come to expect.

Split into 2 sections; Words deep dives into it’s topic and is prmarily printed on a matte paper stock. The Pictures section reles in the new size and you can feel the ink on the paper.
A fave words article is one on the state of Photo Eduction. Coming from that world at the beginning of my career, this was a good check in.
In Pictures, the coming Winogrand exhibit tour shared unseen images from the photographers posthumous collection of images.
Plus the exploration of Phil Chang, who doesn’t fix his prints, so they fade with exhibition.
(oh, for those that haven’t wet printed, fixing a print is the last step in the chemical process, done under a safelight. It does just what it says: “fixes the image” so it’ll remain after exposure to light.
Even the design of the ads are created along a similar spec.
Oh, you won’t see B&H ads here. No Paul Buff lighting deals.
Plenty of pubs for that.
If you have a love for photography, the power and meaning of the still image, and just need to know there are higher levels of the medium, than what we see and perhaps make daily, you have to get this magazine.
It is the standard bearer of quality, taste and thankfully, not mired in any time frame.
It’s now.
Here is how to subscribe.
Slightly higher than before but you also get the digital edition.

Pick up an issue and see what you think. I’m in love. just saying.
Let’s see how the next issue goes.

damon webster

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