Ok, So Now What?

I had about 4 diff posts ready to go, and then the Covid-19 hit and I kept revising as the intensity increased.

Do you really need to know about the latest Spider wrist strap right now. Probably not. It’s the best, but you may have other things on your mind. And they have new products which are super cool, and we’ll come back to them, I promise.

The question is, what can we all do as we keep the social distancing, and a walk outside is a gift? Especially living in NYC?

Well, here are some ideas, and things to do that may serve you well when we come out of this. And we will.

For instance, I’ve signed up for a Udemy Master Photoshop Class online. Yes, have taken the adobe tutorials, just wanted to check it out. Great price right now as well. Currently just above a mid level. So far a good thing.

And then another thing is practicing and getting better at gimbal work. Not as much space to run around, so that becomes part of the challenge.

Then there is audio. Just moved to a MixPre 3ii as a portable interview rig, and learning a new piece of kit is pretty fun, and useful.

And the books. So many books. For lightness, it’s been going back over and looking at the primarily image based books. Nothing like finally relaxing and sitting back fro another look.

Midlevel on that is the Aperture series, that I quite enjoy, on process of the master photographers. Like Mary Ellen Mark.

Then a move onto the heavier stuff, like the Sally Mann autobiography. Saw her speak, bought a book, had it signed, and just never got to it. Till now.

And there is the Marie Kondo part of the time. You know her, the master of organizing and cleaning up your overload on possessions? Yep, have accumulated many things that could be turned around. Selling will begin soon. We know how many bags we all have!

How are you spending the social distancing time? It would great to share your ideas here! or on our FB page, or twitter @photoinduced.

Fuji Unveils The New X-T4 – Is It all You Wanted?

It’s always a tough call when there are product leaks, and you know what you hope for in a new model of a camera.

I do love the Fuji line, and the files are beautiful, so when this new X-T4 was announced, I had a wish list.

and like all things in life, I got some, and missed some.

Yes, IBIS on board. A flippy LCD?

Sure, that would come in handy. Double the battery life? OK, have to buy new batteries, but if that will make my pockets less weighed down, cool.

Double the shutter life is awesome, as i run these into the ground!

Now, it’s the same sensor as the X-T3, so no change up.

What did I miss? A headphone jack! Yes, i sometimes shoot video with my still camera and it would come in handy. I’ve heard that there is a USB-C jack, so you can use a dongle and hook up some 3.5 mm jacked headphones. and use a splitter if you want to power the cam at the same time. Probably not.

So…. should you upgrade? good question. Unless that flippy LCD, the battery, and the onboard IBIS is a must have, maybe the X-T3 will be just fine. If you shoot video, that IBIS is a must have.

Until I have the camera in hand and actually use it in real world situations, I can’t say.

Here are the specs. Notice how the “audio out” is not listed.

Nikon Intros A New Flagship And Yes, It Is A Beast!

While running down 2 tracks, mirrorless and full size DSLR, Nikon feeds both masters.

With the announcement of the new D6, Nikon assures the professional market that the game is still on! In addition, they added 2 more lenses for the Mirrorless Z series.

Make no mistake – this camera is designed, and built, for the worker. From the ability to prioritize JPEG images for transmission, to hit that deadline, plus the incredible connectivity, this is not for the casual photographer. And with a $6500 USD price tag, that should be obvious.

With a 20.8-megapixel FX-Format CMOS sensor, the ISO ranges from 100 to 102,400, which helps to preserve sharpness and subtle details in even the most challenging light. Additionally, ISO is expandable up to 3.2 million, giving photographers the ability to truly conquer the dark.  Always a strong suit for Nikon.

Concentration on Workflow: Building on Nikon’s history of serving professionals, the D6 is the most customizable Nikon DSLR yet, designed to speed up the workflow of any user during and after capture.

Recall shooting functions create combinations of settings that can be assigned to a specific button to get the perfect shot in a pinch

The D6 excels in connectivity and supports the same 1000BASE-T Ethernet standard as the D5, with an approximate 15% increase in transmission speed. The camera also supports a number of options for wireless networking, offering built-in 2.4- and 5-GHz*3 Wi-Fi®4 or traditional wireless transfer using the WT-6 Wireless Transmitter (optional)

Includes 14 customizable buttons, assignable to any of 46 unique function choices and a new intuitive menu system

Priority Image Transfer gives the ability to move an important image to the front of the queue when speed is of paramount priority, which can easily be done by swiping the touch LCD during playback

Security Lock compatibility supports connection of anti-theft cables to provide maximum security for remote applications or when the camera is unattended

Built in GPS5 gives accurate time, date and location information for just about anywhere on the planet

Dual CFexpress6 slots offer blazing fast read/write times and have the ability to overflow, copy or separate file types

JPEG functions allow for the simultaneous recording of two JPEG images with different image size and quality settings, which is convenient for separating images that will be transmitted for immediate use, from those that will need to be edited for a later publication.

Creativity options for multimedia creators including anew interval timer mode to retain the best resolution and enable in-camera time-lapse movie file recording providing professionals the ability to create exceptionally sharp 16:9 4K Ultra HD video .

Yes, it’s important to see this addition to the Nikon line. Remember the investment in glass is where your main money is, and if you have invested in the Nikon DSLR line, this is welcome news.

Here is a wrap up of the Nikon news from yesterday:

Nikon D6

The new Nikon D6 is the most customizable DSLR yet, designed to address the needs of professionals by speeding up workflow and offering faster and more powerful performance. With the latest EXPEED 6 image processor, advanced 4K UHD multimedia capabilities, densely-packed 105-point AF system and a mechanical shutter frame rate boosted to a staggering 14 fps, the Nikon D6 redefines the way professionals work, ensuring connectivity, dependability and a streamlined workflow.

NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 VR

The affordable NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 VR lens encompasses the must-have focal lengths for a broad range of photography styles, offering users an immensely versatile optical tool with a portable and weather-sealed design. The lens’ high resolution, point-light clarity and minimal distortion delivers edge-to-edge sharpness throughout the entire wide-to-telephoto focal range. Meanwhile, its 5 stops of vibration reduction (VR) and smooth subject tracking enable users to capture sharp videos and stunning stills. 

NIKKOR Z 20mm f/1.8 S

The ultra-wide NIKKOR Z 20mm f/1.8 S lens is a durable, lightweight prime lens great for Nikon users who want to capture expansive imagery with increased detail. The lens’ bright f/1.8 aperture produces consistently sharp images with shallow depth of field and promises beautiful point-light reproduction in challenging light. Additionally, equipped with a stepping motor for fast and quiet AF and suppressed focus breathing, the NIKKOR Z 20mm f/1.8 S is also a reliable addition to any creator’s camera kit.

Oh man, that 20mm looks like it needs to be in my camera bag!

CES 2020 – Look Ma, No Wires!

This year at CES we saw so many earpods, headphones, and wireless chargers, the market is so crowded, and you have to figure out what to get. And you know that in a year there will be better, faster, smaller. So what do you go for now?

Let’s start with the wireless charger category. Does this scene look familiar, when you travel, or even at home?

When I land at a hotel, I unload my Peak Design tech pack, and get the multi hub block set up, then attach all of the charging cables for my devices. 2 phones, watch, extra battery charger, headphones (not shown). A real mess.

Enter the wireless chargers!

Mophie Wireless Charge Pad

You know how they work: a coil is set inside a platform, and the phones. or devices that can, get recharged, just by being placed on the platform. No cables.

Here is a basic rundown: there are the simple circles for a single device, then the multi chargers that currently handle 3 devices. OK, yes, saw one at CES that handled 6 devices, but it was not something you travelled with. Twas heavy and expensive, about $250. And not available yet.

In the single circle versions for one phone or AirPods, the brands you love have a version: Mophie, MyCharge lead the pack. One thing to remember is that due to current technology, the device has to be in direct contact with the circle to charge.

Not a big deal, unless you use some sort of pop-socket, or a rig to help you hold onto your phone. It the raises the phone off of the charging base, which means no direct contact, and no charge.

Pop-Socket, who has a massive following, introduced a wireless charger with a circular opening well, to fit the pop-socket while on the case, allowing your phone to have direct contact with the charger! If you are a pop socket person, you need to get this charger. It has some weight, so maybe just for home/office, but they heard the fans, and created the right product.

Winner! No more having to take off your case to enjoy wireless charging! Whew! BTW, just had a look and the charger is sold out, so get on that list of you are a pop socket fan!

And that mess of wire at the top of the post? How do you take care of that?

Satechi has currently won the war for this multi device, perfect travel charger. Lightweight, small footprint, and critical point here: retracting Apple Watch charger! And about $110 after the on-site discount code.

There are a few companies that showed products that were not ready for market.

Ampere shared a folding charging unit (above) with some cool new designs coming. This unit is available now. Like so many things about this design, but the weight and bulk kinda stuck with me. Since this is designed (I think) to be a travel unit, that became part of the assessment. As a home unit, just fine.

Eggtronic had a multi unit with retracting watch charger, than will charge faster. coming soon.

Mophie has a perfect 3- device solution, which is great for the home, but the watch charger doesn’t retract, so a tough call for travel. I’ve been using this one on my nightstand.

So for my money, the Satechi is the current travel champ, and will be coming with me on the road .

After all, who needs that rat’s nest of wires on you bathroom counter??

NB: all of the current tech call for a 2-3 mm max height diff for contact between device/charger. Coming tech will be a 12mm clearance allowing more grips on the back of phone cases to be used.

Silly stuff? Maybe, but when you get hooked on the wireless charge, you want it to work in all facets of your life. And it will keep evolving: design wise, power delivery, and then that whole ” no need to be in direct contact” tech.

Best Travel Accessory!

So you just got those amazing BT earbuds/ headset, and you not only sound good, but you look good, too!

Now you are starting some travel, maybe for business, maybe for vacation, and it would sure be cool to use those sweet wireless headphones on your flight.

But if you are getting on a plane, you either need to hard wire your over-ear headphones, or not watch an airplane movie with ear pods.

OK, found a great solution that I had to use a few times before recommending: AirFly by Twelve South, a blue tooth transmitter!

It’s a simple deal: pair your head set or AirPods, plug the Air Fly into the headphone 3.5mm jack on the plane, push a button, and Voila! you are wireless! Good for about 20 hours with the pro.

Thankfully, Delta has a USB port at your seat, so I could charge my phone while flying.

The true story is that I was on my way to a much needed vacation, and was struggling with my Air Pods, and a video on my phone. Yep, it was not a great combo. As people in my row started to get up, the AirPods got loose and flew around the plane. I resorted to the crappy airline wired earbuds, and had to keep unplugging them as my row-mates got back to their seats.

I was determined to find a solution, and still be wireless.

Enter the Air Fly and some sweet over ear headphones. All charged up, I plugged in, pressed the button and the rest of the cross country flight was sorted from an audio perspective!

For you audiophiles, you may ask about latency. For the rest of us, that means a delay between the sound from the source to the headphones. With movies, no issue. Once I used DirectTv which is a kind of live feed for news, it was a bit more apparent. Truth is after a few minutes, even that minor deal went away. maybe the brain just adjusts.

If you fly, this is one heck of a great item to pack. I keep it in my headphone case to make sure I have it. And if you are looking for a cool gift, this works.

Even the Apple store sells it, so it had to pass their test as well.

I have not had a extremely long flight, like NY to Asia this year, yet, but I will have it with me on that when i do.

You can also get a version that allows 2 people to use the same audio feed.

Need to charge?

Uses the new standard of USB C cable.

I did make sure my headset and air pods were paired before I took the trip. Did a test on the laptop. Then once airborne just pressed the button on the AirFly and it was good to go.

There is a big CES wrap-up, with insights and some gadgetry coming, but waiting on some samples to add in.

Lot’s of wireless chargers, ear pods, headphones, security, phone cases, some cool lighting, and the biggest news is that the previously talked about developed tech, is coming into AI play and into your life.