M is for the many things she gave me…..

This article is being reprinted from a previous posting. For Mothers Day, I felt it was a fitting post in her honor. And remember to honor your mother, in what ever way you see fit.

O is for the other things she gave me
T is for the Tons of things she gave me
H is for HOW many things she gave me
E is for EVERYTHING she gave me
R is for the REST of the things she gave me….
Put them all together and that spells……… Mother.

We all have folks that influence us in our life. Sometimes it’s a mentor, sometimes it’s a person that has achieved a certain level of skill within that subject. And sometimes it’s a person who just lays out a right path for you.

This is a special post to celebrate someone who meant the world to me in my pursuit of a photographic life since I was a boy.
My Mom.

She didn’t know much about photography, but she did know about what was important in life.

Growing up, I always had a camera in my hands and looked around in my world to find subjects. Or see subjects. People from my childhood still remember me with a camera in my hands all of the time.

One thing that my mother always did was to encourage me to do what made me happy.
Not for the money, for the heart.
momhatShe was even kind enough to be a subject when my style as a youngster went a bit abstract, becoming the shape underneath a blanket holding a candlabra.
I know, bizarre. Even if you can picture it in your mind.
I have no idea what the picture meant at this moment, and perhaps not even then.
But mom was a great sport and played along. And supported a mantra to not worry about the financial, but keep feeding the things that brought you joy. She knew that making these photographs was giving me all that.
Even if you were flipping burgers, as long as that was what you loved, it was all good. Great life lesson.
I just happened to love photography.

Now, as many photographers have done before, I’ve been photographing her through the years and through her recent illness.  I know Richard Avedon photographed his father at his end of life and Annie Leibowitz made images of her great friend and partner Susan Sontag through life and death. And both of them exhibited these images to the public. I still can’t put together all of the images in one place

image 2-2

Mom passed away in 2008.

This is not meant as a sad post but a place to honor and celebrate her.
And to encourage you to let people in your life know that you honor them too.

The only donation I ask you to make, is to your own life and that of your loved ones.

You’ll be happy you made the contribution.

Aloha, Mom.

NB: She also taught me Photoshop. Kinda. While the siblings were making a special gift for her birthday consisting of photographs of throughout her life, it was up to me to repair, and yes, sometime delete certain people from the photographs. Nothing teaches you like a timed assignment. A crash course with major benefits.

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