Delkin Shows Off A Little at PMA 2009

Our friends at Delkin were winning awards and showing off some pretty cool goods at PMA this time around.
The ImageRouter lets you upload 4 cards per unit at one time (they can be daisy-chained we heard), and has special software for the PC folks, allowing you to back-up, burn and file your images as they come in..
Don’t worry MAC folks, it also works woth any image management program , such as Lightroom. And The matching MAC software is on it’s way.
Perfect for the wedding photog or the event shooter. It can’t lug the cases, but can do the heavy lifting of the on-site, back-up.

And if you have to secure your DSLR or video camera to a smooth surface, like a car, the Fat Gecko may be something you’d be interested in.
Yes, we saw the demo in person, but still, our gear would have to be majorly secured and strapped, perhaps in addition to this unit, for us to breath easy.
Just erring on the side of caution.
Or we’ll try it with your camera. Deal?

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