Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

As photographers, your visual acuity should be always challenged and inspired.
I have always found that a visit to a gallery, museum, or going through books, magazines (yes, hard copy), and sites helps inform, and stimulate.
Those who know me know that MOMA is a touchpoint for me, as the ever changing collection of art, along with an amazing permanent collection, always give me the solace in seeing things that are created for the sake of creation, not commerce. Sure, you can argue that some of it was created because a gallerist asked to have a piece for a particular sale or exhibit.
Not talking about that here right now.
On Saturday, I made a trip to the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, the only museum in the U.S. devoted exclusively to design in NYC.
Primarily a design collection, housed in a mansion, on the upper East Side. Withing the turn of the 19th walls live some of the most forward thinking design exhibits.
Before I go into a particular new exhibition, Provocation, I’d like to share one of the unique things that come with your experience to a visit here.
The Pen:
It looks like this:

You can see that the end of the pen has been touched to the “+” on the exhibit price description. The lights at the end means it’s working.
You touch the plus on whatever piece catches your eye, it’s saved on the pen,
drop it off at the end of your visit.Then a website is created that you curated. The admission ticket has the URL.
Like the one I created, here.
How cool is that?
What did you say? I haven’t really shown much of what was there? OK, here is one shot:
Expanding Furniture that starts as a small table and pulls out to become a much larger one with the same strength.
More info on the site I created. Tricky, eh?

With this intensely user friendly, brilliant piece of NFC technology, you could expect a massive white/glass/metal structure to house it.
The Museum was founded in 1897 by Amy, Eleanor, and Sarah Hewitt—granddaughters of industrialist Peter Cooper—as part of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. A branch of the Smithsonian since 1967, Cooper Hewitt is housed in the landmark Andrew Carnegie Mansion on Fifth Avenue in New York City.
How about this for dichotomy?
A brand new design for a London bus, next to the turn of the 19th staircase. Genius!

All I can say it, get to the Cooper Hewitt. Take a friend, your family, or wander through yourself. This is a unique experience that will inspire.

Wait, I did forget something: There is a room where you can design wallpaper on a Surface, that is then transmitted to the room you are in. The wall become your design. Live.
You’re Welcome!

The Cooper Hewitt is on Museum Mile in NYC, and a good day may see you wandering in and out the great ones along 5th. Avenue.

Remember the photography part I started with on this post?
Sometimes the visuals are not on the wall.

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