PhotoPlus Expo – Last day, but It’s a BIG One!

Today, celebrated photographer Jimmy Chin will be the keynote speaker.
Even if you don’t have G.A.S (gear acquisition syndrome) and don’t want to put your hands on some of the latest photo gear, you’ll want to be there for this.
And now some snaps from the the floor:


The Lume Cube, with 1,500 Lumens, and flash or continuous light, finally in hand:

using your phone as you main video cam? Check this cage from @BeastCage


@TetherTools bring a sweet way to mount your speedlights, anywhere with removable strong rubberized adhesive strips that leave no residue:


Polar Pole give hours of power in the pole and now waterproof, plus an LED light attachment:



Always show specials from BH,that are good til Monday:


@MagMod is sure to be the next hot light modifier. Yep, uses magnets and soft silicon globes.


Peter Hurley teaches the crowd, complete with man-bun:


Drones for days. get ready for the FAA. And what are all of you using these for?


BH sales table is always a welcome site, although closed on Saturday.


The Manfrotto Digital Director is a remote control iPad option for your still or video workflow.


Yes, the Canon G5X is that small. But check out the lens: 1.8-2.8 on the zoom lens. Sweet!


And the Canon G9X is about as small as my old S110, with a ton more features and quality.


So come down, and get your hands on something exciting.
Before or after you see Jimmy Chin!


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