Magnum Square Print is Back! Obsessions!

USA. New York City. 2000.
Elliott Erwitt
New York City, USA. 2000.
“ I am obsessed with dogs—because they remind me of people
but with more hair.”
@ Elliott Erwitt/Magnum Photos

It’s that time again! for the small sum of $100, you can have a museum quality print from one of the famed Magnum photographers in your home. Go now to choose from over 70 archival quality prints, signed by the photographer, or estate-stamped by the estates.

Oh yes, the prints are a little small (6″ x 6″) but it’s the perfect size for my NYC apt. Have a few from previous sales. And perhaps that area in your home that you’d like to accent with amazing imagery.

Obsessions, The Magnum Square Print Sale, runs from Monday. June 10, at 8:00 AM, 2019 thru Friday, June 14th, 2019 at midnight EST

Signed or estate-stamped, museum-quality 6×6” prints by Magnum’s photographers for only a C-Note? Yep!

During the sale, and for five days only, over 70 archival-quality prints, signed by the photographers or estate-stamped by the estates, are available for just $100.

USA. Buffalo, NY. 2011.
Gregory Halpern
Buffalo, NY, USA. 2011.
“ I am endlessly intrigued by the landscape of Buffalo, New York,
where I grew up. As a kid, I picked up a camera in response to
the look and feel of the place. The first thing I photographed
there were the houses, which have remained a point of
fascination for me.”
@Gregory Halpern/Magnum Photos

Magnum Square Prints are printed on 6″x 6” (15.24 x 15.24 cm) archival paper. They are not editioned by quantity, but editioned by time, as these items will not be made available outside the sale window. The images in each sale are always different, and will never be available in this format again.

SWITZERLAND. Zurich. Photomontage. 1941.
Werner Bischof
“ Werner Bischof … thinks and works from the start in
photographic terms. He uses the graphic elements of
photography to suit his ends, which are the crystallization
and interpretation of the object. He finds new and untapped
possibilities of photographic approach and technique unknown
to the creative artist who sets out from the principles of
— Hans Finsler, Graphis magazine, 1945
@ Werner Bischof/Magnum Photos

I think I know what I’m ordering already! Seriously, the quality, which i have seen first hand, is beautiful, and send eyes to select areas of your walls in the best way.

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