The Photography Show/AIPAD Is Back IN PERSON!!

After a hiatus for in person, AIPAD, also know as The Photography Show is back in NYC for 2022!
I think there will be a lot of events getting that opening line!

This year’s show has brought back so many of the best galleries in the world for a 2 floor showing of some of the best of the photographic arts. Here is a link to all of the exhibitors, and their sites.

From the old school opulence of the Park Ave Armory, to the cavernous open space of the Piers, this space is a more intimate way to view the images up for sale. Plus you are back in the middle of the city for all you need after the visit: food, drink, shopping, transportation.

There is a good mix of the classic, iconic photographs, coupled with some of the new artists in the realm.

With photographs from the very beginning of photography, with this image form a glass negative, circa 1856 at the Hans P. Kraus gallery

to mid-century classics, like this Avedon image of Dovima with the elephants, at Staley-Wise galley

with a decent sprinkling of au current offerings, it is a show that can be covered with an attention to detail, without an overwhelming space to intimidate or cause you to breeze through. Below is a photo by Ansel Adams. Did you know he made portraits?

Yes, it feels like there is a layout that allows for a more detailed look at the work, and as a collector, prompted me to note images to purchase, instead of simply appreciating on the galleries wall. Some good buys to be had, for sure!

On the first floor is a very intense exhibit of Joel Peter-Witkin work, which include not only finished images, but contact sheets as well, showing his process of selection. If you are familiar with his work, you will see a collection of some of his most iconic photographs. Not for the faint of heart, these images will stay with you.

Moving through the galleries, you are greeted with incredible world press images, detailing a world you may only see in the media, elevated to a proper size and import, being singular in the messaging.

As a bit of an old school aficionado, I was pleased to see some of the classic images from the likes of Avedon, Erwitt, Sid Avery, Max Yavno, and Steichen.


More current favorites, like Julie Blackmon, a great storyteller were on display at the Robert Mann booth. Portraiture imagery was liberally sprinkled throughout as well.

Overall, I’d say the show captured vintage classics, portraits, and fashion, for the majority of the show. The newer artists were in shorter supply, although the entire show felt just right for size and content,

One thing that was not here this year, was the massive book section of the show, where if you wanted to purchase a bound version of an artist’s work, new or old, instead of a print purchase, or even as a precursor to a print purchase, you were hard pressed to find a good selection.

Instead, AIPAD/The Photography Show partnered with ICP with a book fest on Saturday, to see a huge range of photobooks. Admission is only $5. or use your receipt for the AIPAD event to get in for free!

There are some book signings on site at The Photography Show this weekend, so you will have an opportunity to get some new treasures. Galleries did have some books on their tables, but few.

Perhaps that was meant to have you concentrate on the prints, maybe it was a bit of a shlep to ship quantities of books.
Or simply that in these past 2 years, not many new books were created.
2 books that I was drawn to was the Power of Photography, a collection of important images in photography, treated with respect in a beautifully printed, and single image, single page format. Created by gallerist, collector, lover of photography, Peter Fetterman, this is one you should pick up for sure.

Another was a very unique collection of Daido polaroid images, produced as actual sized stickers, with a cloth bound photo album allowing you to place the photos as you wish in the album.

On the opening night, Jeffery Rosenheim, curator of photography at the Metropolitan Museum. received The AIPAD Award. It recognizes and celebrates visionaries who have spent their lives at the forefront of the field of photography.

I first met him at the Diane Arbus exhibit at the Met. This guy has a massive passion for photography, that spills over to anyone who meets him! Never a knowledge snob, quite the opposite, as he will engage almost anyone will to talk photography! No, not gear, but the language of the medium.

Overall, this is a show you have to attend. for a rich photographic gathering, with a great variety of work, we have missed this, and you won’t be disappointed.

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