Fuji X-T5 Launches + a SWEET 30mm Macro!

When the Fuji X-H2, and X-H2s were announced, those of us who have been shooting with the X-T series, were asking:
Where the HECK is the X-T5??
Well, your question has been answered, and you won’t have to wait too long to buy.
This November, the X-T5 will be available at a price of about $1700!

Had a chance to put IRL hands on this pup, and no surprise, it felt as comfortable as I hoped
So much of a known feel from the X-T4, with some great improvements.

Taking a page from the H2, you will now get that 40mp you’ve been wanting. AND 6.k video!
Better IBIS, 2 SD card slots, same battery as the X-T4.

So no new battery buys,

and you won’t need to buy the expensive CFExpress cards.
Very slight body change, so feels even a little it better in the hands due to the front grip
Improved battery life,

and a faster AF due to a new processor.Plus finally subject detection, AF!
X-T5 equips AF Algorithm developed with ”Deep learning
technology”. Some brand call a similar system AI.
Camera can recognize not only “Human face/eye” but also
“Animal”, “Bird”, “Auto mobile”, “Bike”, “Airplane”, and “Train”

On the video side of the equation, they did lower the BPS from 400 to 360, BUT it can do ProRes and BlackMagic RAW

Recording time is about 90 min @ 6.k/30P

A hot tip I garnered while at the event, was pulling away the LCD from the back, when recording a lot, as it helps with the heat dissipation.

Heck, I’m also going to do that when I shoot anything with pre-shot.
Got caught with overheating when I was shooting at the US OPEN this year.

What doesn’t it have?
A grip that takes batteries.

Notice there are no contacts for a vertical grip, with batteries

A fully articulated LCD, only a 3 way.

Hopefully not a deal killer.
If you were looking for a legacy camera that upgrades your current photography situation, your eagle has landed!

One other great product they shared was the 30mm 2.8 Macro, lens:

Tiny lightweight, and the specs are crazy. 1×1 macro, weighs 195g
Even if you have the 60mm, 80mm, this lens is a prefect lens to put in your bag
IS this your new “nifty fifty (ok, 46mm)
Looks like it will be mine soon!
MSRP of $599.

here it is on a H series body

So there you have it for now.
I have been looking at the full line of new Fuji camas and I have decided which one will be coming home to me.
That is for another post.

Damon Webster

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