Your Phone is Now Your Camera Monitor: Bigger, Brighter, And Always With You!

Whenever I go to trade shows, I’m on the lookout for tools that may make your life easier.
This iPhone Adaptor by AccSoon called the SEEMO, for your DSLR or Mirrorless camera came right to the top. An HDMI to IOS converter, has so many practical uses, you have to check it out.

OK, I’ll admit, I own and use Ninja V a recording and monitor device for my cameras. It was not cheap, and I had to add an SSD drive to record to, and batteries and cables. It does become a lot to set up, and heavy and bulky in the bag.

Sometimes, I want to simplify. This unit lets you use your smartphone as your much larger monitor, and although it only records in 1080P, max 60 FPS, if you want to, you can now livestream easily with the app, using your high end lenses and controls!

That capability alone will up your game on social media by far, and will lighten your load when you are on location.


Other than the adaptor, and a NP battery, and a couple of cables, your camera and phone are always with you. You will need the same batteries that the Ninja uses, and I’ll bet you have one or more of those.

(please note that I have put the phone into a specific place in the holder, but the enclosed cable allows for that. Wanted to be careful of the phone controls without having the unit touch them.)

Ok, let’s dig into it:

The well built unit lets you attach your phone by a fairly standard rubber coated clamp.

You then attach onto your flash shoe, and remember, that will only be to attach to the camera.

Once you add a battery, a standard NP type, you then connect an included cable to your phone and the SeeMo.

The way to connect to the camera is via an HDMI cable , which will be specific to your camera.

They do supply the USB C to Lightening cable, but the HDMI cable is on you.
I tried it with a Fuji X-T4, one of my fave cameras, and used a Zhiyun connection to the Edelkrone folding legs. BTW, that Zhiyun connection lives on my cameras for an easy on, easy off secure attachment. Click the link for more info
There is a cold shoe on the top to add a mic.

They have built a solid app for the unit, and although I usually use Filmic Pro for shooting on a phone, this was a robust design, transforming my phone into a very powerful tool utilizing the quality of my camera/s lenses and controls

Like all new apps, it took me a bit to get used to all of the controls and options, but once indoctrinated, It was smooth sailing.
You get Zebra for focusing, histogram, grid, frame format, and a ton more. Very helpful, especially if you are using it for vlogging.

The big phone screen lets you see focus, and audio at a glance, my primary concerns.

Below is a vlogging situation, where I just reversed it all.

So why should you consider the ACCSOON?

2 main reasons:
Recording Monitor that you always have with you, and livestreaming.

Bonus features: Light, bright, ( especially outside), and you already own the phone, right?
When you shoot, the video is already on your phone/cloud ready to edit or share!And you can livestream right from the SeeMo app.
Plus you can use the same SeeMo adaptor with an iPad for an even larger screen as monitor.
BTW for VLOGGING, flip around the phone and you have a great screen to see what you are actually shooting, instead of the small LCD screen on the camera. you can see that above.

For that reason alone, if you have a camera without a flippy screen, you have to have this.

Just announced, Zacuto announced a partnership using Accsoon’s SeeMo utilizing an iPhone as an EVF,
with incorporation of the SeeMo capabilities to take HDMI and converting to IOS on location.

What are the issues?

Well, as mentioned it is only for iPhone. I do have an Android phone I use for video but no go for that.

And it only shoots 1080 P 60 FPS max. That is an iPhone issue, not the SeeMo.

The SeeMo Does not charge the phone, and perhaps in next versions it will have  magsafe, or include a splitter so you can charge the phone while shooting

The review unit I had was the off white version. Better in black. (Now available in black)

Overall, as Gen 1 product it is solid, and can’t wait to see where it goes!

For $180 , it is a great option!


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