Magnum Square Print Sale Adds a Twist!

You may have seen this print offering from Magnum come around before, and each time there is a new selection of photographers. Strong showing in this one, as well.

The Square Print sale runs from April 17th til April 22. If you happen to be in London, they will all be on display! However, I have purchased these based on the website, and have always been happy with the purchases.

This time, they have added some photographs from those not 100% fully immersed in stills, and still relevant.

The Joy of Flight. Teignmouth, Devon, 2000. © Roger Deakins

The above is by award winning cinematographer Robert Eakins. He has been reconnecting publicly with his photography roots, and is a true master.

Also check out his recent book.

So, why should you buy one or more of the prints?

Yes, they are square, and about 6″x6″. Signed if the artist is alive, or estate stamped. I own about 3 myself.
Basically, these are gems, that can be placed strategically around your living area, without a huge commitment to wall space.
Honestly, I live in NYC, and wall space is at a premium. Already tiling framed art around the pat.
With these, images, you can arrange them to be revealed as you and your guests move through your space. The price is very affordable, and framing with archival mattes won’t break the bank.

Here is one from Larry Sultan, who we lost in 2009.

Dad on Sofa, 1984 ©Larry Sultan Pictures From Home

One of my current favorite photographers Alejandro Cartagena, did a series of workers, shot from an overpass.

Do you want to go with a classic photographer, like WeeGee?

Here is a photograph of his, not usually seen:

Yes, I did say that they are adding some images that have interest, although not by names widely known in the world of photography.

Like Judd Apatow. Know for his many films, this is a shot of the cast of Anchorman. walking to set.

Hot Anchormen. The Valley, California, 2003.

On its face, not revealing. When you know the subject and the context, the interest value goes up.

As I said, I have a few of the square prints, arranged throughout my home, and do rearrange now and again. Just to get a refreshed view of the images.

I know you may think this is crazy, but I was educated by an art collector years ago about how to hang your art. And sometimes, re-arrangement and freshness is what you need to fully appreciate your collection.

Go have a look at the over 100 photographs, and pick your next piece of art.

Just remember, these images will not be reprinted in this format again.

When you are on the Magnum site, don’t forget to look around the shop for some other amazing artwork





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