BH Sponsors a Gear Show, and PhotoFairs NYC Brings the Artistry

After a week in NYC with a gear show, Bild Expo, and an art show, Photofair, it became a meld of great effect. Both were happening within feet of each other in the Javits Center.

Bild Expo was created by BHPhoto and since PhotoExpo isn’t around, this may become the new deal. To be able to check out the gear, speak to brands about what you may be wanted to capture, and talks by photographers about their journey, was invaluable.

While perusing the new offerings of the latest gear , it was clear that there was indeed, nothing new under the sun, but improvements on what existed.
Great to see some of the brands that I have seen for years, still upping their game, and seeing familiar faces.

And mere feet away was a collection of over 56 global photo galleries, so you could see what some practitioners of fine art photography were creating.

PhotoFair was exhibiting some of the best artists in the field, with 56 galleries, representing about 120 photographic artists, plus talks by folks like Dawoud Bey, in a very comfortable setting.

Inspiring to say the least. When you see a major showing of fine art photography, it’ll make you examine your own path. Or bring you into the world of collecting.

This all brings me to the question of how to share with a larger audience. For everyone NOT in NYC, still want to share the goods.
One way is to show you some highlights and add some photos of the art. The gear will be shared in coming reviews.

Here is some of the photographic art:

And as a bonus the Armory Art show was also in the same building!

You never know where your inspiration will come from, and even better to see all forms of art.

Keep your eyes open, and always stay curious.

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