Social Content & Platypod, Plus More! : Tools For The Kit

How do we share these enriching experiences with a wider audience? In this digital age, social media reigns supreme, with IG reels and TikTok leading the way. Like it or not, it’s a fact.
Personally, I’ve embarked on a journey of increased content creation and discovered some invaluable tools along the way. When it comes to outdoor shoots, I’ve opted for a compact setup – I still shoot Fuji for those captivating stills reels and my trusty iPhone for additional IG reels and Tik Tok adventures.
I have kind of Frankestein-ed this from a variety of items in my general kit.
Depending on needs.

Here is a list:
*Platypod Extreme tripod Base
*Platypod Handle
*LumeCube phone holder
*LumeCube mini LED
*Manfrotto BallHead – (link is to a diff ballhead, than what is in the photos)
*Joby Impulse 2 Remote + (the secret weapon)
*Ankerwork M650 Microphones

The Platypod base and handle provide incredible flexibility in placement, and the LumeCube phone holder, mounted on a Manfrotto Ball head are the basics.

By using a ballhead you can adjust the angle of the phone, to give you the best perspective. The Manfrotto 484 is the right size for me.

The LumeCube phone holder is well built, can be tightened into a specific orientation, plus has 2 cold shoes on either end of the spring loaded mount for additional accessory options/

Now, let’s talk about a game-changer – the Joby Impulse 2 Remote control. It’s an absolute essential for anyone diving into phone-based content creation. It makes controlling your phone remotely a breeze, elevating your content creation experience.

Basically, you can turn the recording on and off on a phone from a distance, and not need to run up to the phone/camera to start, and have to edit that hand going back, then edit the hand turning off the camera function.

The latest Joby remote is such a large improvement from the last iteration, you’ll love it, and will make it part of your permanent content creation kit, no matter what your set-up.

Controlling the phone from the remote makes your session so much easier, and pleasant! It’s always in my bag.

My onscreen presence, or even just my scripted moments, usually take multiple takes. With a trustworthy remote control, like the Joby, sooo much easier to stop and start the recording.
Take 10 can be very real!

To up the ante, you can add a couple of led lights. Here are a couple of LumeCube lights, battery powered. Just screw them into the Platypod Handle top. with a simple 2 ended 1/4-20. You can also adjust the angle of the lights, based on the angle you set your phone.

If you think you may be in a noisy environment, or farther away from your rig, my current phone mics of choice are the AnkerWork sets, as the ease of plugging into the phone is easy. And no wires.

With a phone case, I add a slight extender to make it through the case.
And there you have it!
I have also used the handle on a tripod, and handheld. As you can see, you can extend the handle for a little more height. While creating some content recently, I needed to use a full up tripod/ The base of the handle is compatible with an Arca Swiss mount so it slipped in and secured easily

All together now:

The Platypod Handle is just a super versatile tool, and light enough to keep in the bag, even with the ball head and phone mount.

All of the above great fits nicely in my Peak Design Sling bag, and I can throw in a Fuji 100V or a Fuji X-H2, as well.

Creating IG reels is a straightforward process, and all of your editing tools are right in the app. For more intricate editing, turning to Premiere or a dedicated editing program might be the way to go. Plus, sharing your reel to another app, like Tik Tok requires a 3rd party app to keep watermarks off the vid.

Remember, the journey of creation never ends. Continue to explore new avenues to share your message and your passion. Be sure to hop over to my IG for some sneak peeks of reels promoting my upcoming photography book.

I’ll be unveiling the process soon, so stay tuned for more photographic adventures!

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