Tools For Mobile Creation : Part 3 – The Power!

We have walked through some of the simplest to more elaborate set-ups to create content on your mobile device in part 1 (the basics) & 2 (the audio)

Now, when you start adding the extras, they take power, and if creating content on your phone, you are gonna be needing some extra juice. But you knew that!

The most boring, essential parts of your mobile kit.

There are 4 options I use and will recommend. Each one has its particular features and depends on your use. I have had these for a while so the latest with newer features are available.
BTW, Amazon has prime day coming up so a great time to get new batteries! Usually, they get discounted.

Please note before starting any creation situation, always start with a full charge!

Below is the Mophie 5kmAh magsafe with a folding stand, the Mophie power station, the iWalk Power Squid dual cable, and the Anker 737 power bank

Starting with the Mophie with the folding stand. Mophie snap+ juice pack mini

If I’m going to be outside, and editing on my phone, this battery gives me enough extra power, and will stand up the phone for a non-handheld advantage. Great when stopping for a coffee and getting some posting done.
MagSafe, so no cables needed. Sure, you can charge up your airpods through the USB-C port, but save your power. In a pinch, fine.
About $50

The Mophie 10K mAh basic block with fast charging, and also dual ports for charging 2 devices at one, and you need cables. Not magsafe. But this comes with me when I need a super fast charge, as I’m starting the day.

A good alt is the iWalk power squid which has the 2 diff connectors built in, and a great feature is a LED window showing you a % of power available, instead of the vague 4 dots on most units. I like the built in cables, and use this when I’m around the neighborhood, and may not be able to locate my charging cables immediately!

9000 mAh
About $60, and currently they have added a mini usb cable onto the unit, so 3 built in cables. I don’t replace my batteries often, just use the best for the situation.
Now there are a few batteries out there now with built in cables. Buy a reputable brand, as a cheap or bad battery can do more damage than good. I’ve had some of the gift bag batteries overheat and had to properly toss.

Then comes the big one: The Anker 737 power bank

When you are out making a ton of vids, and using all the gear, including an iPad or other tablet, the clear winner is the Anker 737 power bank.
24000 mAh, a beautiful info display, 140 W High Speed input and output.
Sure, it weighs about 1.4 lbs., although if you are out creating content all day, need to edit, and post, you’ll appreciate all the power you get.
You can charge it up, while charging the other devices so a win win situation.
And it is approved to carry on a plane.
Charge a laptop, iPad, phone, ear buds OR your mic receiver/transmitter, light.

Anker does seem to be the current leader in this space, being followed by Mophie.

Are batteries one of those boring things to add to the kit?
You bet.
Are they essential?
You bet.
Chose reputable brands, make sure they are fully charged before adding to your bag, have duplicate cables when required as back-ups.
In the next part will be the items that will enhance your work and become tools you will always want with you!

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