Weekly Giveaway – Nikon Capture NX2: Look Ma, No layers!

You know we love choices. It all about finding the right tool for you. Go to the brick and mortar stores to see how a camera feels in your hand, hit the trade expos if you can.
And download the trial versions of software and try them on for size.
31E+bJ1WaDL._SL500_AA280_Like this software, Nikon Capture NX2 which has a huge following and it splits the audience a bit.
You use this to process your RAW images, although it also works with jpegs. And just because it’s made by Nikon, rest assured it works with all digital files no matter what camera they come from.
Some people just make this another step in the workflow, instead of, or in addition to Photoshop CS.

Here is where you can do some very slick localized digital photo corrections, working directly on the image, with mouse or preferably Wacom pen, without using layers or lasso’s.
Yep, that is one of the key differences between this and Photoshop.
Layers v. no layers
And the way it works is with an award-winning U Point technology for precision selection and application of enhancements .

Designed to closely match the way photographers work with their images, Capture NX 2 is easy to learn and creates quality results.
Just place a Selection Control Point anywhere on the photograph then choose from almost any adjustment such as D-Lighting, Unsharp Mask or Noise Reduction, while limiting the reach of that adjustment to just the selected area.
Capture NX 2 adds an automatic retouch tool to its image editing toolbox allowing users to seamlessly remove blemishes, dust and other distracting elements from photographs while maintaining the integrity of the image. With just a simple slider adjustment you can easily open up shadows or recover blown-out highlights.

Highlight recovery is most effective for RAW (NEF) files however it will work with JPEG and TIFF files as well. Color Control Points (improved operation) Black/White/Neutral Control Points (improved layout) Color management control with Soft Proofing Color Aberration Control, D-Lighting (High Speed/High Quality), Image Dust Off, Vignette Control and Fisheye-to-Rectilinear Image Transformation Noise Reduction – global or selective adjustments Distortion Control – reduces pincushion and barrel distortion effects Color Booster Color Balance Contrast/Brightness Saturation/Warmth Photo Enhance (for toning, sepia, black and white) Levels/Curves Editor, LCH Editor, Auto Levels.

So that was pretty clear right?
The main way you’re going to affect your images here is by getting to the look of the original file. But better.
If you want to get more trick, deal with plug-ins, or layer away, you can either process here and import to CS4, or just start there.

Quite honestly, we use all of the above.

Lightroom is our main entry point, for daily work: import, filing, metadata, edit.
Depending on what needs to get done, or we want to try, either Capture NX2, or Photoshop CS4 comes into play.
There is a workflow we use every week that is preset in CS4. Plus we have a mass of plug-ins there.
But when layers are not the issue or more complex than we need, Capture NX2 has a simple elegant correctional workflow, we can use on a plane, train or the upside down feet of a Turtle Stool ( the way, we’d try to find one of these stools in black. An event photogs necessity.)

But even as in the wet darkroom days, we used many tools and various chemistry, to achieve a look, the software available should be used towards the same ends. Except now you can choose with a click. And our clothes smell better.

Vincent Versace, one of the most brilliant, technologically savant guys out there, uses Capture NX2 in his workflow. So much so that he has created a series of DVD’s teaching his methodology. We gave a quick overview a while back.
Worth checking out at his site Acme. Not for the faint of heart, but for the serious student.

And we ‘ll be giving away free, a full up copy of this Nikon software, complete with cardboard box and packing materials.
Yep, the whole shooting match.

Want to take a quick tour before you consider this software ?
Check it out right here, with these short vids on the Nikon site.

We know you know, but just for all of the new folks in the audience. And thanks for joining us, by the way.
Just sign up for the NEWSLETTER by Tuesday eve., and you’ll find a crisp, fresh, unopened email in your inbox at 9:00AM PST on Weds.,waiting for you.
Click to open and you find a plethora of photo goodies awaiting you.
Plus the special instructions to be eligible to get a free copy of Nikon’s Capture NX2 of your very own.
OK, it may not change the world but it’s a quick way to catch up to the goings on here, and maybe get some free stuff.

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