Is it Monday already?

This week we will be giving away another great book as we move into Feb., where we’ll start looking at more “how can you do that” along with ” wow, that is some amazing work”.

Simply put, in February, we’ll turn our attention, just a little, to gear and education. There have been some very cool things coming our way that you should know about, AND with PMA in March (Photographic Marketing Association – the trade show where many of the manufacturers introduce new products ) there will be lots more.

And we’ll be there, video camera in hand, to bring you reports of what’s what.

Like this report from PhotoPlus Expo:

And we’re working on a video from PhotoLA which will recap the event including a tour around the fair, interviews with gallery owners, booksellers, and more. Coming soon. Watch this space.

We’ll announce this weeks giveaway later today.

Happy Monday!

Damon Webster

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