Nikon D5000: Variable Angle LCD, HD DSLR, 12.3 MP and the right price

One thing that we always do at an event is take an overhead crowd shot.
Usually, it becomes a an approximation of framing, based on experience, and well, blind luck.
The Nikon D5000 has taken care of that with the articulated screen.
No, it’s not the first camera to do that, but the first one that will take our lenses.
Add in HD video, 12.3 MP, and classic 3D color matrix metering, and this is an outstanding camera in the entry level market. With a kit lens,18-55mm, it comes in nicely under $700.
True it is DX format, but that’ll make your lens costs lower and make the rig lighter.
That’s why this camera is part of the Grand Prize package in the Let’s Do Lunch Photo Contest we are doing.

Here is a quick tour by Lindsay Silverman, from Nikon:

Coming soon will be our Real World Review on this camera, and honestly, with the holidays upon us, we are very excited at the prospect. We like to photograph events and this looks perfect.

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