The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn : Now on at Ovation !!

Set your DVR’s! Our fave channel to watch is Ovation , one of the last broadcast places to get only art and culture on your TV, has always put together some great weeks of photography programming.
This week is no exception.
Along with a solid schedule of some previous offerings, they have the US premiere of The Wonderful World Of Albert Kahn!
( pretty incredible episodes from our photo lovers across the pond at the BBC. )

Here is the official word:
The acclaimed BBC documentary series The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn reaches U.S. television audiences for the first time on Ovation. This extraordinary, nine-part series explores the most important collection of early color photographs. In the early 1900s, French industrialist and financier Albert Kahn embarked on an ambitious project to create a color photographic record of, and for, the people of the world. Kahn believed that he could use the new Autochrome process–the world’s first practical system of taking color photographs– to promote cross-cultural understanding. Kahn’s vast and legendary collection of Autochromes remained relatively unheard of until a century after he launched his project.

Take a journey around the world in these episodes, now, or save them for later on you DVR.
As you know, we love the photographic representation of the human spirit here at, and to see this documentary series, brings joy to our heart.

We are sorry to get this late in the game, but we are letting you know as soon as it came on our radar. Heck, we’re sorry we didn’t watch it yesterday!

And by the way, Ovation is trying to do their own mini World of Albert Kahn, in a modern version gathering your images shot with the most common place camera today: the cell phone!
The dealing is May 8, 2010 (I know, I know) but click here for the very simple details

The prize?
You may be featured on My Art spot on their channel! pretty cool deal actually and very easy to enter.

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