May 26, 2006

And we’re back……..
We took a short break to change things up a little on the site. Hope you like the new look.
Along with the HOME page, the GALLERY has a bit of a makeover also.
More changes to come in the next few weeks. Take a look around and let us know what you think.

It has been a busy week, so here are just a few items while we catch our breath:

Academy Of Art, SanFrancisco
Thursday was spent at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, reviewing portfolios of the photography students for most of the day.
Totally blown away by the caliber of the work and the passion of the students!
From the first portfolio with an amazing series of photographs that depicted the dreams of the artist ,(thankfully she gave out a sample image), to some of the
coming greats in fashion photography, each photographer had a unique vision,
coupled with an extreme passion and dedication. There were some photo illustrators that were already accomplished, and others that you could see the beginnings of brilliance.

OK, I was totally impressed.

The hope is that some of these folks will post here in our Gallery so you get a chance to see some of this work.
James B. Wood, who is the department head , is doing all of the right things apparently.
Gallery owners, art directors, collectors…look to this school for some incredible rising stars.

At the Yossi Milo Gallery in NYC is a current show of one of our favorite photographers: Loretta Lux. If you are in New York, do not miss it. Open til June 24th.
Also in NYC- just a few more days for the Snap Judgements-Contemporary African Photography at ICP, and don’t miss the American Beauty Benifit Auction on June 1st, with some great images available for bidding. Yes, online is an option if you can’t make it.

Hmmmm…maybe we’ll start to post information on certain days so you’ll know to check back.
Crazy idea but it just might work.
With that in mind:

We will post gallery listings on Thursdays so it can help you plan your weekend.
Saturday morning will be the free give away (remember you HAVE to be on the mailing list to enter- its now on top of the page). Resumes next week.

Lets start there, and see where we go.
The rest of the time we will post with site updates or news in the photography world. News like CANON not making any new film cameras. That’s pretty big news as they join some of the other manufacturers and start winding down the film era in photography.

Have a great holiday weekend!
Damon Webster

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