The Modern Classic Canon Powershot G series gets a minor update

And when we say minor, let’s talk upgraded video to 720p and a stereo mic instead of just mono.
But then we take a closer look and the new and improved stabilization system of the Canon G12 , coupled with the 4.2 frames per second, now places this series smack in the realm of action shooting. The foal lens of the zoom lens is equivalent to 28mm-140mm.

That has been the downside of every point and shoot, especially for the market they are targeted too.
The shutter lag inherent in these smaller cameras makes them lose that critical picture of the kids reacting, or kicking that soccer goal.
This should take of that.
The new HS exposure system, makes smarter choice that most Auto exposure systems, and for the HR+DR enthusiasts, well that feature can be automated now.
Keep a tripod or Gorillapod around though, for those.

This is not intended as a review, but an overview.
We now have a Canon G12 and a Nikon P7000 in the shop and will review em both and do a comparison fro your reading/viewing pleasure

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