ThinkTank never stops looking at your bags

You know we are huge fans of the products from ThinkTankPhoto.
It’s not just because they are all nice folks.
They just happen to produce, what we feel are some of the smartest, well built, products on the market for the working and enthusiast photographer.

And practice Kaizan.

From the Pixel Pocket Rocket Media wallet, to the Airport Internationalâ„¢ V 2.0 , and many in between, their bags and accessories have been with been with us around the world. For about 3 years.
The other day, a new email hit the inbox with a coupla videos on further ways to get more use out of the bags you may already have.

Here is one, utilizing one of our fave bags for discretion around town, the Urban Disguise 50:

Sweet. By adding a few more straps, you’ve increased the versatility of an already rocking bag.

Here’s the point though: they kept looking at their product, using their product, and no doubt with the help of some feedback, shared some good ways to maximize the bag for you, the customer.

Kudos to ThinkTank for continually examining their own goods for new and best uses.

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