Using the tools available:Digital Darkroom at the Annenberg

(some images in this article are presented in 3D. If you have Red/Blue anaglyph glasses, please have them ready)

Since the beginning, the human condition has been the focus of the Annenberg Space for Photography.

And whether you knew it or not, even if the images exhibited were shot on film or not, there was digital photographic technology at work in some step of the process.
But you knew that, right?
In their latest offering, “The Digital Darkroom” they have fully embraced the detailed technical side of the art, and present some of the current and classic photographic artists who explore the human condition using many of the tools available in the digital realm.

Digital Darkroom – at The Annenberg Space for Photography from Annenberg Space for Photography on Vimeo.

Like any tool, in the heavy handed artisan the results are often obvious, clunky, and show off technique more than emotional impact.
The artists chosen here, have stories to tell and experiences to share, which may challenge your general perception of the still image.

From photographers like Jerry Uelsmann, who has for decades before photoshop, been compositing black and white photographs in a wet darkroom and is probably the acknowledged master,

©Jerry Uelsmann

to the hyperphotos of Jean-Fancois Rauzier, bringing thousands of images into a single hyper real frame, the show has a broad range of appeal.

©Jean-Fancois Rauzier

We happen to have a particular interest in 3D, and there is a 15 min. video playing continually, in 3D, that speaks to the history and present day uses of the technique.
get ready to use your 3D glasses now:

Plus a solid representation of the anaglyph (red/blue) 3D system with modern portraiture by Ted Grudowski,

©Ted Grudowski

and Christopher Schnebergers‘ series on a turn of the century tale of the supernatural:

©Christopher Schneberger

The Annenberg uses the gallery space rarely used for that section, to further expand the exhibits coverage.

Once again, the video running on the beautiful 4K dual screens giving the visitor a background on the artists and their specific visions is a treat.

Curated by Russell Brown, Senior Creative Director of Adobe (shocker, right?) this guy was instrumental in the first launch pf photoshop in 1990.

We’ve been to every show at the Annenberg, and we applaud them for taking an open look at the tech side in his latest showing.
Many times, we feel that people should step away from the Wacom tablet, put the digital pen down, and let the image breathe. This exhibit celebrates what the digital tools can be in the right visionary hands.
There are some playful turns, which while not our personal faves, show clean technique we respect.

Chances are you use Photoshop, or will. Come and see what can be done.

Not to leave out those who cannot journey to the space, the lectures will be posted n the site and you should check back to see the latest. We’ll be giving a heads up as well here, on our Facebook page, and via twitter.

Annenberg Space for Photography
Wed-Fri: 11am – 6pm
Sat: 11am – 7:30pm
Sun: 11am – 6pm
2000 Avenue of the Stars, #10
Los Angeles, CA 90067
tel: 213.403.3000

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