The Fuji X-Pro1 shows it face at CES 2012. And it’s lookin pretty good

It was tethered to its perch at the Fuji booth, just waiting for the eager hands to explore it.
The rumor mills had been heating up for months, as photographers clamored for a professional digital viewfinder with interchangeable lenses.
The Fuji X-Pro1.
Perhaps as an alternative to the Leica M9, which ,while at the top of the food chain in cost, seemed to disappoint many of the users.

Is this camera that a lot of people have been searching for?
To be able to street shoot with the discretion of a rangefinder, and the lens quality you want, is a tall order.

The choice between using the optical viewfinder or the electronic, is a huge one as the, um, seasoned photographers will love the looser framing of the optical choice. We have tried electronic viewfinders with mixed emotions. Depending on the focus systems, the electronics may do a slight contrast seeking shift while finding the focus.
We did not have the opportunity to work hard with this camera yet.
Coming to market at the end of February at about $1700, it will launch with 3 lenses, mimicing a 27-, 53-, and 91-mm field of view.
Coming later than that will be adaptors for other lenses, such as Leica. Shocker.
16MP sensor APS-C sensor, should give you the files size you are looking for

In addition, one of the digital features is the ability to process the files internally to simulate 10 film stocks from the Fuji line. 5 of them are for the Fuji line of Black and White film stocks. And you can change your mind after you have done it.

In the new mirrorless competition, this comes in as one of the larger, heavier, cameras but with that weight (15.9 ounces w/o lens) comes high quality and the most asked for features.
The Fuji X100 had the promise and seemed retro, but the price point for a fixed lens camera didn’t make sense.

This Fuji X-Pro1 does.

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