Fuji, Adobe & Frame IO Just Gave You Back Some Time In Your Life!

A few months ago, I wrote about the collab of Fuji/Adobe /and Frame.IO using the Fuji H-2s to upload your camera files, still and video, to a FrameIO account for you, and perhaps your partners, so that

A: you could start editing before you physically ingest your files, or

B: your video files could begin to be edited as you were were still shooting.

Basically, a team of shooters from anywhere in the world they have internet access, could join together to place all assets in one folder, making for fast and efficient workflow. All about the cloud!
OR, my personal workflow, while covering a convention, event, music, etc, your files are going right into a folder, so when you return to your home base, or hotel, you can start work, instead of spending time ingesting, before you do a light edit/post.
I can tell you from experience, that coming back to a hotel at 2:00 AM after 12 hours of shooting with a handful of media cards, especially the latest large capacity cards like CFExpress B, makes me lose sleep, and is a time waster.
If my images are already in a folder, even if only proxies on the video side, it’s a huge win, and i can jump into an edit and a light touch of post.

In the fall, I saw the software in beta at NAB and it works! At that time it was only for the Fuji X-H2s, and not the H-2, which was my purchase choice due to many reasons.


Well, now Fuji is going to roll that system software and appropriate wi-fi grip to both cameras in the H series!Huzzah!
I am all in.

And to get some of you on board with this super collaboration, they are going to pick 10 people, supply them with the necessary gear, EVEN if you are not currently a Fuji shooter, to get acquainted wth this gear and workflow!

You really should apply, and honestly, I’m going to buy the special grip for my H-2, because i’m already sold on the system.

But you should absolutely try to get in on the amazing opportunity.

Truth be told, if you are a casual shooter, this will be of no interest to you, and no need to apply for the trial or buy the special grip. It is about $600 more that the currently offered grip.

But if any of the situations mentioned above ring true for you, get on it! the Deadline is MARCH 6TH!

Here is the info and a form to submit am entry, right here.

And the Official rules are here.

As you can tell, I’m super excited about this, and once I saw it actually work, proof of concept was incredible, and it could change the way the way your workflow moves forward.

BTW, a lot of samples from CES that could also be of use to you for your work and life, and now coming in, so look forward to a ton of real world reviews in the next while.

And as you know, my heart is also with the end results: the work you make, the art you put out to the world.

To that end, inspiration and influence is key, and the appreciation if the masters is critical, so there will be coverage of some great exhibits currently on display, and those coming up.



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