A Marriage Made in The Cloud – Fuji & Adobe Take Wireless Tethering to Whole New Level!

We always hoped we get there.
And now it looks like it’s almost in our hands:

Fujifilm announces collaboration with Adobe to Offer the World’s First Camera-to-Cloud Native Integration for Digital Still Cameras

The ability to shoot and wirelessly transmit RAW stills files and ProRes video, and to be able to edit within moments for the small crew content creators is groundbreaking.
Oh, not the idea of a wireless transmission: it’s getting it in the cloud that is the big news!

Tethering in a studio usually works best when hard wired. This is about remote shooting and uploading to the cloud.

This changes everything, as a more stable, reliable, system. Having a partnership with Adobe definitely brings it to the right place.
The remote capabilities are massive. Especially in the documentary category, or news gathering.
Putting this tech in the reach of the many, in an affordable package, democratizes the collaboration possibilities.

What does it take? The new Fujifilm H-2S and the special grip with an enhanced wifi antennae, plus an update to the firmware.
And if you have worked in the video space, you will know about Frame.IO, which is where your files will upload to.

During Covid days, all of my post production for commercials and sometimes shoots, was remote, and a lot still is. For commercials we would use Slingshot to get the dailies to the editor fast.

This isn’t that, but a manageable system that opens up the door to not only location uploads, but being able to work with people in various location, uploading to the same file on Frame.IO. Content creators can easily work together as long as there is wifi.

In a press event we got a preview of this technology, and this week at NAB, I’ll be able to see it in action.

During the presentation to our group, the question came up about “what if you lose battery power, or you shut your camera down during the transfer?” No fear, as the transfer continues once the camera is on again.

And now, the official word:

VALHALLA, N.Y., October 18, 2022 – FUJIFILM North America Corporation is pleased to announce a collaboration with Adobe to develop a new firmware for the FUJIFILM X-H2S digital camera (X-H2S) with FUJIFILM X-H file transmitter battery grip accessory (FT-XH) that will provide the world’s first native Camera-to-Cloud (C2C) integration capability for digital still cameras, powered by Frame.io. The upcoming firmware, expected to release in spring 2023, for X-H2S enables production workflow from anywhere in the world, and will facilitate collaborative image and story production.

The upcoming new firmware update for X-H2S will allow users with the FT-XH file transmitter accessory to use their paid Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions – and any active internet connection – the ability to deliver any combination of still or video files to Frame.io, directly from the camera. This will accelerate production workflows and create opportunities to remotely collaborate in real-time by providing centralized access to still and video assets as they are being made – even across multiple users.

“Getting image and video files from your digital camera into post-production is a time-consuming process that can often require creating backups, transferring to hard drives, and then forwarding to the next stop in the production workflow. C2C eliminates these tedious steps altogether,” said Victor Ha, vice president of Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices divisions, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “From the press of the first shutter, or the end of the first take, with this firmware and using FT-XH, files will automatically upload to a user’s Frame.io account directly from X-H2S and be ready for use within seconds of being made.”

Key Features of Camera-to-Cloud Native Integration in the Upcoming X-H2S Firmware Release:

Share it Now, Deliver Later
Using FT-XH, configure X-H2S to deliver Apple ProRes proxy files and get bandwidth-efficient, high-quality files in Frame.io that are small enough to be easily shared on social media and to start the editing process until they can be swapped with original camera files for finishing and final delivery of images and video.

Send What You Want, When You Want
Deliver Apple ProRes proxy files to Frame.io as they are being recorded or choose from a variety of other still and video file types for collaborators to access, in near real-time, once the files are recorded and transferred to Frame.io. Files can also be transmitted automatically, individually sent, or prioritized directly on X-H2S to send directly from the camera to collaborators anywhere in the world upon completion of the shot.

Connected and Secure Files
Best-in-class security with full Trusted Partner Network (TPN) and Security Operations Center (SOC) 2 Type 2 compliance is implemented when X-H2S, with an attached FT-XH, is authenticated and paired with a Frame.io account. Created by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA), TPN is the global, industry-wide initiative that defines requirements and best practices for protecting digital content.

“We are truly excited to be able to offer this feature for the first time, and for our creators to experience that they can effortlessly access their files in Frame.io from the moment of creation,” added Ha. “This is where the possibilities for collaborating with off-site art directors, on-set digital techs, in-studio retouching artists, or anyone else involved in production become endless. From downloading images to remotely processing in Lightroom or Photoshop, to quickly reviewing and choosing video clips to create an assembly, post-production for stills or video, production work can finally start before the waiting even begins.”

Pricing and Availability

Native C2C functionality is included in Fujifilm’s firmware offering which is expected to be available for free download by X-H2S customers with FT-XH and a paid Adobe Creative Cloud subscription in spring 2023. For more information please visit: https://frame.io/creative-cloud/

FUJIFILM X-H2S mirrorless digital camera: MSRP $2499.95 is available at FUJIFILM authorized dealers now.
FT-XH File Transmitter Battery Grip Accessory: MSRP $999.95 – Expected to be available at the end of October, 2022.

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