Mid Year Gift Guide 2024!

Well, as we get ready to start the summer season, it’s a good time to have a look at some items that may enhance your giftee’s summer adventures.
Some you’ve seen in earlier gift guides, and a couple of new items. (BTW, there is a great deal this weekend on of of my favorite items, at he end of this post!)

For a good fun time, we all capture moments on the phone and the new set-up from Shift Cam sure does help!
With the Shift Cam SnapGrip camera holder, thanks to magsafe, which is the only way to go these days, you can attach your phone to this handle and shoot your phone like a camera, with a Bluetooth connection, and there is a shutter button on the handle.


In the center of the light, there is a magsafe fill light with 4 diff intensities,
plus a mirrored surface  so you can see your framing on selfies, OR your subject can see themselves. It is removable (another magsafe feature)

In the full set it comes with a case, a mini tripod and a mag “wand” to let you hold the phone away from you.

And you can charge your phone at the same time as there is a battery built into the grip.

Along with this set-up they also have introduced a new mobile camera bag, which is  built around mobile, and it’s perfect.


Yes, all photogs love camera bags, and this one will be a great addition to the lineup. There is a smart zipper in the middle of the top flap for easy access to your goods. I carry a Fuji 100VI and the phone, plus extras in this case.

You can even get a mag clip to attach your camera to get a body cam video, and it can clip to the body of the bag or the strap.


Honestly, when I first saw this set-up, I was super concerned about having my phone attached by mag only.

Don’t worry, they include a special phone leash to secure your phone and make sure nothing detaches when it’s not supposed to.

One issue I did have was on the “workstation ” feature. When it was all extended for easy access I wish there was material to to give me more working area on the sides.

Now If you want another choice for adding light to fill in those nasty shadows, without a grip, the Joby rechargeable Beamo Ring Light, thin light, also with varying intensities is the way to go. Magsafe, very thin, and it comes with a pouch for when you aren’t using it.

Of course everyone needs a Joby GorillaPod!

I have a full compliment of sizes, with ball heads, and at the top range they can hold a full size video camera. The ability to be infinitely adjustable with the special legs is genius. I have wrapped the legs around a round railing, with a big vid camera and it was secure.

Disclaimer: If you do that you should confirm that all is secure.

Another solution is the Playtpod Extreme tripod base. With a solid flat base and with enough holes to add on any numbers of accessories, you can do some great closeup photography.

They added a versatile handle to the lineup this year, which can be customized for hight, and has a ton of 1/4-20 holes to add, lights, flexible arms, and of course a ball head.

A super compact tripod system that is so versatile, every photographer should have this set-up. For the setup below I added in 2 Lume Cube lights, a Manfrotto ball head,  Joby BT remote, Ankerworks mic system, and a phone holder.

Different choices, but each one of these are great tools/gifts.

Then for the traveler:
Mag safe is the order of the day.

Here are the 2 latest to consider:

Anker has come out with a compact cube that transforms into a phone/watch/ air pod charger. Tiny footprint.

When I first saw this, thought it was a little heavy, but that was just for balance. It’s so small you need some weight, so it doesn’t fall over!

In the same category and even smaller, is the Twelve South butterfly.


This small folding circle can be configured in a few diff ways.

Charge both the phone and a watch, or just a phone. With the new iPhone app, you can set it, so you see the screen, and it’s your alarm clock!

Yes, can be done with a watch for an even smaller footprint.

It’s a beautiful design, and super small and efficient.

On the air pod pro, your case can use some protection.
The Catalyst case is waterproof up to 330 ft, and you can charge up though the case wirelessly.

On the plane:

First of all, I will not use ear pods on a plane.
After having one fall out of my ear on a plane, and crawling around down 8 rows looking for it, I will only use over the ear headphones, and a Twelve South AirFly Pro.

Everyone you gift this, will thank you profusely after just one flight!

And of course, stash all of these item in a Peak Design Tech Pouch. Plus cables, laptop dock, Samsung SSD drive, and more.

Last gifting item on the list is  the best. Wrist . strap. Ever!!
The Spider Pro HandStrap V2

I have tried em all! These live on my camera body’s 24/7.
By attaching to the side, and then screwing into the tripod hole on the bottom, you can either use the included ¼-20 lug , OR I use the ring from a Black rapid strap.
This strap is adjustable, comfortable and honestly helps make the camera an extension of my hand, while being able to easily get put back into my peak design bag when done shooting.
Keep an eye out as they do have discounts time and again. As matter of fact, there is a Memorial Day special of 25% off!

There you have it! A mid-year guide that will give you, or your giftee a smile from each product.

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