Weekly Giveaway – Who Doesn’t Like Choices?

Everybody likes to have a choice.
This week we’ll be offering the the winning entry, their choice of 4 pretty cool photo prizes.
Sure, we have a gift box, where we gather goods through the year that we think you may dig.
Of course, new stuff always catches our eye, and opportunities arise where we can offer you some extra special goodies.
Here’s what we have for you this week:

dvd_udp_mc-300x2001) From the Nikon School, the DVD Understanding Digital Photography DVD. with Bob Krist giving you some excellent instruction in the use of your DSLR, taking you a bit past the automated features.

21_product_presentation_image_19566318662)How about a DVD on Portrait Lighting on Location?
Software-Cinema has always made high quality training videos and this one, featuring Tony Corbell will be a huge help to you, especially with the holidays coming up. Nothing like having a solid portrait to add to that greeting card, or perhaps offer up your skills as a photog, for gifts.

DRes_20AW_silver_left_n_1.jpgB00062F4LC.01_A1PY46IM1CBEG3._AA200_SCLZZZZZZZ_V38986737__13)One of our favorites is a Small accessory bag from LowePro, the 20AW. which we use to store and transport our external hard drives, with cables, but you can think of a hundred other things to use it for, no doubt. And we’ll stuff it with a Giottos Quick Shoe Mini Tripod and one of out popular photoinduced.com lens cloths in it’s own neoporene stuff sack, finally back in stock.

51snzUhdS8L._SL500_AA240_4) And the last item to choose from is a great volume of work by the photographer Man-Ray, published by Taschen.

So, the winner this week will get to choose one prize from the list of 4 above.
Sure, we know it’s a slightly different way than we usually do it, but why not, right?
These are items you enjoyed before and we figured, why not give you another opportunity to get just what you wanted?

Remember, you have to be signed up for the free Newsletter to be eligible. The sign up is right on top of this page.
Pretty easy, really.
Details will come in tomorrows Newsletter, delivered to your inbox at 9:00 AM, PST.
Of course we do ship ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!
Because that’s where you are.

It’s going to be a giveaway filled season as we empty the gift box, and start to refill it for 2010!

Oh, quick note: we have just added a translate button/link/option powered by Google. If you are bi-lingual, tri-lingual or any multiple language speaking person, would you be so kind as to try it out in the language of your choice?
We just want to know how well it’s working.

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