The round Oatmeal box was fine, but Jo Babcock steps it up a notch. Or 5.

Have you ever made your own pinhole camera?
Based on some very sound physics, you may have used a Quaker Oats round container, punched a tiny hole in the side, places a sheet of film in there, and made your own pinhole camera.
Yes? No?
Well, if you are reading this you probably know what a pinhole camera is, and if you need a refresher, click here:
Anyway we had run across the work of Jo Babcock before, in this very cool book.“The Invented Camera-Low Tech Photography & Sculpture”
This guy even built a VW van into a pinhole camera.

Then one of our readers, Carolyn Johnson Hampton, told us about an exhibit of his photos AND original pinhole cameras was at a local gallery in Culver City, CA., Duncan Miller.
With only a few hours left of the work being up, we jammed over to have a look.

Each pinhole camera was used to take a related image. Like a mailbox was used to make a photo of a mail carrier.

And the flag was used to mark the exposed/unexposed situation of the pinhole mailbox camera.

Or a Log Cabin Syrup tin was used to to, yep, tale a photo of a log cabin.

The list goes on, but the overall concept brought photography into slightly new dimension.
Not only was the camera/image tied together, the camera itself was a sculptural work of art.
This was the first time to see them both on display in So Cal.

You can buy the camera and the matching photo as a set for between $3500-$4500. USD.

They are all captured in this book, however, and we picked one up for you.

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Need to make your own?
How about a Hasselblad pinhole?

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