Sony shows off the Full Frame Mirrorless Alpha 7 & 7r

It was the gorilla in the room.

On the PhotoPlus Expo show floor, the buzz was all about the new Sony full frame mirrorless cameras.

Enter the Alpha 7, and Alpha 7R

Unrelenting in their development of product to secure solid footing in the #3 slot of camera manufacturers, the next move up may be close.

Following on the extreme success of the NEX series of cameras, this Full Frame, small unit, could be the place to go for every street shooter. 36.4 mp ? Sure.

Leica lenses work brilliantly on this system. As you watch the vid, Mark Weir goes through the lenses available now, and know they will get there, but there is plenty of glass to satisfy.

I was surprised that they had to walk away from the flat top design, but the overall size, is fun size.

DxO had a chance to get you some tech specs, and comparisons to the other leaders in the category.

Have a look.

Alpha 7, 24 mp, $1700. body only

Alpha 7r, 36 mp, $2300. body only

Available soon.


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