Photoinduced Holiday Gift Guides wrap it up with #5: The Little Things

And the top item on the list is the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle 2 What is it? A very cool shutter release unit that is specific to your camera. Make sure you order the right set for your camera! Trigger your camera by smartphone using the free, downloadable app. 41x978PKcjL

Here are the different modes: Timelapse Mode,TimeWarp™ Mode (very trick)Sound sensor Mode,Shock & Vibration sensor Mode,LE HDR Mode,LE HDR Timelapse Mode,DistanceLapse™ Mode,Cable Release Mode,Star trail Mode, Bulb Ramping, Timelapse Wi-Fi, Slave Mode Wi-Fi, Master Mode (trigger other devices running Triggertrap Mobile.


CAMERA COMPATIBILITY… Current cameras compatible with MD-DC0: • Nikon D3 • Nikon D300 • Nikon D300S • Nikon D3X • Nikon D3s • Nikon D4 • Nikon D4 • Nikon D700 • Nikon D800 • Nikon D800 E Older cameras (launched before 2006) that use this cable: • FujiFilm S3 Pro • FujiFilm S5 Pro • Kodak DCS Pro 14n • Nikon D1 • Nikon D100 • Nikon D1H • Nikon D1X • Nikon D2 • Nikon D200 • Nikon D2H • Nikon D2HS • Nikon D2X • Nikon D2XS **) If your camera is not listed above, check the Triggertrap website to see which cable you need for your camera.

Only $30. Watch for their next product, RedSnap! coming in the spring.

Coolest gadget for entertainment

We all use flash drives to transfer, hold and share files. This year SanDisk came out with unique flash drive that also is capable of wireless transmission.The SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive creates it’s own wi-fi connection via a free app on your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to stream,any content on the drive you want: music, documents and up to 3 different movies.

Let me break it down for you: instead of loading up your tablet with content, stream your favorite movies or music from the flash drive. Save the space! If you have 3 friends who watch want to watch something different, you can stream that from the ONE device.

Iphone all full of apps and nearing capacity? Use the flash drive to stream music, photos, or movies to the phone.
Sure, it still can be used as a standard flash drive, but isn’t this a heck of a lot cooler?
Just plug it into to your USB port to charge.
And if 32gb isn’t enough, they also make a little square unit with 64gb capacity, and the ability to stream 5 movies at once to different devices.
About $60.

A Stocking Stuffer Everyone Can Use

We all have media cards. From the old 1gb Compact Flash card to the new 32GB SDHC SD cards.

You need to have them stored safe and available. Tried a bunch of them and found the ThinkTank Pixel Pocket Rocket.

Take a look at how this pro, Frazer Harrison, uses them:

By the way, you may want to look at our whole series of “What’s in the bag” to see how the pros really use the gear.

These card wallets are about $20.

So there you have it. 5 different lists that will hopefully trigger some more ideas. Only wanted to give you the good stuff: tested, handled, put through some paces.

Didn’t hit some of the major items, which we’ve covered on the site in other posts.

Of course we’ve missed some stuff. Lotsa stuff, and if you think we should put another list out, let me know.

Black Friday, and Cyber Monday have passed. There will be more sales this month. There will always be more sales.


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