Fotodiox Flapjacks : Tasty Name for a Sweet LED Lighting Solution

Have you tried them all? The explosion of LED lighting solutions in the past years have yielded some great choices for the videographer or still photog needing continuous light.
The Studio options are getting cheaper, but are they getting better?
After year of using the square or rectangular, which are still viable, I’ve found that the circular options give the best catchlights.
You know what they are, right? That reflection in the eye which give that spark of life in a portrait. Also, it’s a good lesson in how a shot is lit.
The Fotodiox Flapjack has taken a huge cue from the industry’s needs and produced a well made, set of LED lights with the star for me being the Pro Flapjack being the star for me. Specifically the Pro FlapJack LED 300R 10″ round

The Flapjack Pro does come in a storage and transport case with everything you need: battery, charger, extension cord, even a car charger.


By using an edge array of LED lights the white main panel gives a smooth, even light. All of my previous and current LED light require a layer of diffusion to take the harshness of. Here it’s all done, and done right.

This last item speaks to the portability. I have taken the unit in a backpack, throw in a Nano light stand or 2, add in a reflector and I’m interview ready with beautiful light.


That’s the main deal: with a good, diffused light, your subjects get a gentler touch.

The power output is adjustable, with a twist know to get you the exact output you need or want,from 10%-100%, as a key or a fill.
Battery life is about 1- 1.25 hours at Full output,4.5 at 50% so take extra batts, and the power cord if you need. Check out the Wasabi Batteriesline-up on Amazon. Actually use this company for a lot of battery needs.

Here are some of the specs on the unit. Good, strong, yet relatively light weight.


If I’m in an environment where there is an outlet, I’ll take advantage of it.

And for fast product shots, this Flapjack now lives on a light stand, when not in the bag. The unique slant to the yoke, gives an immediate head start to the top lit shots and lets it reach in just a little bit more.


For $400, you get a well made, solid, great looking, versatile, lighting solution.
Solid recco for a BUY!

And when I’ve coupled it with the some some of the other LED lights they make (like the ringlight I can’t find anymore in the catalog) I’ve got another version for a lightweight portrait studio, with a sweet look.

Fotodiox has been around for awhile, and has been supplying affordable solutions for the photographer/videographer. My kit bag has a bunch of their products an I’ve never been disappointed, plus saved I’ve saved some good dough.

By the way, if you are a GoPro owner, check out their line of accessories, not the least of which is a fantastic case.

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