Camera Firmware updates – The Upgrade Variety

It’s about time.
How can you extend the life of your digital camera, and not get stuck in the “computer with lens” upgrade costs? Many companies offer firmware upgrades that will fix problems, and give very minor new features. (Do many of you even do the upgrade?)
Fuji released a 27 point firmware upgrade to the Fuji XT-1, in December, that almost gave you a new camera.
They must have listened to the users, or in a rush to market they had left out some things they wanted in, and were ready to add.
Whatever the reason, The list of improvements was substantial, adding things like SILENT mode, ( not just very quiet, but a true silent shutter), a 1/32,000 top shutter speed, addition of a Classic Chrome color option to the already robust group, plus 24 more. Fast note on the color option: for those of you who shot with film, Fuji film was the last great standard and they have emulated those color palettes in the camera. Only in JPEG now, but no doubt they will upgrade that.
The has been a rumor about Nikon taking a similar tact on their more recent models-D750, D810, D800, D800E, D610 and D600.
What company may be next? Sony has done some good upgrades to low-light functions, but let’s look at Fuji as the standard bearer right now.

A working pro A: may not be using some of these camera models, and B: the amount of shutter activations a worker is going through on a camera body may reach their limit before an upgrade is available.They could be replacing the camera or shutter before a firmware upgrade matters.

For everyone else, this is fantastic news, and if the trend continues, you can extend the life of your purchase, investment, hobby, tools, etc..
I’m currently working with the Fuji XT-1 as a prime street camera and when the upgrade came through, it did indeed seemed like a new camera. Changes the review.

Firmware upgrades that have true new features, and not just problem solvers are a way for camera manufacturers to show respect for their customers.

They are already in the system, and the model levels currently targeted for upgrades, are the folks probably have more than one lens. By the way, Fuji also upgrades the firmware for the lenses, possibly improving phase detection focusing, or other features. Updating firmware to work with new OS’s, and fixing bugs is great, donlt get me wrong. But new features that improve what’s in my hands? Now, we’ve got something.

We’ll keep buying new gear, but I applaud the companies that truly improve the camera in our hands, with software.

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