Nikon updates: D7200, Cutting the Wires, And Going Long

After last months announcement about the D810A intended for the Astrophotogrpahy market, the latest news is looking at a more general market. With an update to the D7100, a super zoom point and shoot, and wireless mics, Nikon is listening closely to their audience.

First up is an update to the best selling D7100, surprisingly: D7200.
In the current trend of removing the low pass filter allowing for sharper images, the new DX 24.2 CMOS Sensor, gives you all that. Remember that you are more susceptible to moire with that filter gone.
The D7200 brings you a better shooting experience with an 18 shot RAW buffer, 100 shot jpeg fine buffer,and 6 FPS.
The ISO range is interesting: 100-25,600, which is cool, and 2 higher ISO speeds 51,200-102,600 in BLACK & WHITE only!
Yep, they realized that at the extreme ranges, the grain is truly significant but with B&W, it’s mainly considered grain and acceptable.
Timelapse up to 9999 images, with exposure smoothing.
For videographers, you can now record uncompressed full HD in 1080/30p in this camera. You want that to give you a full size file to work with.That will give you the best opportunity to craft your specific look in a program of your choice (like Magic Bullet, perhaps). Think of it like getting a raw image file, and adding your creativity in the final. And, if you like, you can see your in-camera decisions in Live View, now. Or decide in post.
Built in Wi-Fi and NFC, it uses Dual SD ( time to get the fast cards, now!) And when available, it will sell for about @1200., body only.
Sure, there is a built in stereo mic, but I’d only use it to record a guide track.
Using built in mics is a rookie move on any DSLR, as you will be driven crazy in edit, trying to work around the sound of your hands adjusting the camera, and very likely, the sound of your breathing. Get yourself Plural Eyes, if you record with an external mic.And on that subject….
So now, Nikon is also introducing a wireless mic, ME-W1, so you can mic up your subject, and record up to 164ft away. Takes AA batts, easy to find anywhere, and uses bluetooth. About $250.

Next up is a new super zoom.
The P900 has a 24-2000mm optical zoom! a 16mm camera that may be the first compact that you would want to put on a tripod.
Seriously, when I first saw Nikon’s entries into this categories, I was blown away. Sitting in a booth at CES, they pointed the camera upward and shot one of the ceiling light in the Las Vegas Convention center.
You could read the writing on the light bulb, and this new version looks like it follows suit and then some.
16 megapixel CMOS with 7 frames a sec for getting all of the kids sports events.Go for the burst to guarantee capturing the moment.
The optical VR claims to have a 5 stop increase in shutter speed. when you have that long of a lens through and you have a small camera, you will get camera shake at some point. This camera seems to take every precaution to prevent that.
Sure it’s 2.9-6.8 f/stop, but that is sweet considering the focal length at the longest throw.
There is a birdwatching and MOON mode ( someone at Nikon design loves the stars!)
Variangle LCD screen and built in Wi-Fi, this P900 will run you about $600 when it’s released.
Seems like a perfect camera for the family that wants to get close enough to all the action and don’t want to bother with the hassle and expense of interchangeable lenses.

Think I need to get one of these in my hands and try it out. Nikon? What do you think?

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