Bits and Bobs – Fast Looks At Some New Gear

Lots of new products are coming out to help you shoot, share, transport, maintain, post.
Here is a quick look at products from ThinkTank, LensPen, TinType, Epic.

First up:
My favorite roller bag, the ThinkTank Airport International, has always been a perfect, discreet, plain luggage looking way to travel with your gear.
But when you get to the gig, and everyone else is a smart as you, and has one, how do you differentiate yourself in the sea of black?
Here is a new solution from ThinkTank: colors.
Colored wheels, zipper pulls and handles. Easy to do, and if you just needed that wheel upgrade or repair, here is a full up way to do it.
Roller Flare image 3
$35 direct from ThinkTank

LensPen Action Camera Lens cleaner:
Yes, I use lens clothes, and blowers, but the LensPen has become my go-to lens cleaner I keep in every camera bag. One end cleans the lens and one end is a soft brush away any loose dirt. It just works.This new smaller size keeps the stuff in the street bag small. And if you are using an action cam the way it was intended, you will need this.
Photo_LensPen_Action Camera Lens Cleaner
“There are no liquids, sprays, tissues or rags. Carbon does the cleaning. The carbon compound used in Peeps and other LensPen products is similar to the one found in printer’s ink – which is why newspapers have remained a popular method for cleaning windows and glass for generations. The Action Camera Lens Cleaner is environmentally friendly and will provide 500 or more cleanings. And there’s no expiration date.”
About $15.

Next up:
Epic Bluetooth Earbuds
My daughter has described as “a guy who likes wires” OK, that may be true for a lot of things I have, but for my headset, especially on a plane, I don’t need the tangle. And that is always the case with my earbuds. Go ahead, tell about some great winding bit of kit, or suggest taking my big over ear headsets. Sorry, 1st one won’t happen, and I carry so much gear with me on board that I need small.
So these Epic Bluetooth Earbuds come out.
First of all, the sound is excellent which is most important to me. The battery lasts a looooong time. about 10 hours. Comes with variable size buds, like all of em, charging cable, and carrying case. The memory wire had a secure fit for me. This is a great sound in a compact format.
For the runner, this is an awesome headset. When I’m on a plane and using my phone for entertainment, this is the choice.
Remember that for this, as with any bluetooth headset, your are not plugging into airplane entertainment.
The only downside I saw was the location of the mic for handsfree phone use. Although you can answer your phone with the controls, you will need to take one earbud out to get your mouth closer to the mic. The configuration puts that closer to the side. Not a strong mic with both buds in.

Cool App
How many followers do you have? As a producer working in an ad agency, I know that every one is looking at photographers following on Instagram. Maybe they firgure on the added reach if posted, or seeing a more personal side , as opposed to a portfolio.
I don’t know.
I do know that you Instagram game should be strong. And you now have so many tools at your disposal. One of my faves, used judiciously, is TinType. I had thought Hipstamatic was a dead app, and then this came along.
here is a sample using a shot I did on my phone, at the 2015 Easter Parade in NYC, then worked with it, and posted it to Instagram in short order.
Sure, this one may have used a bit of a broad stroke, but it fit.
The right tool for the right job. Subjectively.
Got for the $1.00 buy in the app store. You’ll have fun.

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