The Gear That Just Works, Day After Day

As we head into another season of gifting, self gifting, replacing gear before year end, and buying new gear, your photographic spending dollars are precious.
There will be coming reviews of gear I’ve found to be useful additions, or worth checking out, but first….

Let’s talk for a moment about the gear that just works day after day, all the time, trusted parts of the kit.

I’m only going to discuss the equipment that has stood the test of a daily grind, and not the goods that have the simple joy of trying a couple of times, and relegating to a closet or storage, or ebay.
We’re talking cameras and the things that carry them.

First up is the subject of camera bags.

ThinkTankPhoto makes the best line-up of camera bags I’ve ever used. Period.
From traveling around the world with the Airport International, with the right amount of room for a solid shoot, and ability to fit into every planes overhead comfortably, this bag is the one that has been with me for years. Wheels never break, zipper never stick, and infinitely adjustable for the set-up you are bringing.
Airport International
And it looks like normal luggage, so the target comes off your bag for the bad folks who want to steal you stuff.
Honestly, shooting in NYC, taxi’s love to pick me up because they think they are going to the airport, instead of a venue. Ok, I’m switching to Uber for the gigs

The daily wear in the city is the City Walker 20. I’ve been wearing this bag for 3 years, and the versatility for the street shooter is great.

Enough pockets and folds to hold my street gear, whether it’s a Fuji 100t or a Nikon D810 with the crop duster zoom, in a 28-300 range. Extra batts, phone battery, a few Olloclip lenses, cables, power bars and a perfect webbed outer set of pockets for the water.

The Pocket Pixel Rocket media card wallet is my go-to for stashing my cards.
Pee Wee PPR
You can see how long its been around by the size of the media cards!Still works, and has a business card holder as well.

At the last PhotoPlus Expo I used this sweet backpack, the Streetwalker HardDrive:


It’s new addition to the personal line-up, and after walking a trade show floor with it filled to capacity on my back, the great design kept the weight distributed right, and the comfort was just right.
and it held my regular line-up AND a ringflash! The balance was perfect and after a day, I still had shoulders!
Comfortable, strong, and light. Can’t be beat.

The entire line of bags and associated gear is designed by working photographers who know what you need. Heck, they need it too.
Photographers are like people who like shoes, can’t have enough. And each design serves it’s purpose.
I’ve gone em all like you probably have: I was brought up on Tamrac, was taught to take an LL Bean fishing bag, and adding foam rubber, plus tried the discreet Oakley Backpack. Yes, there were more suitors. Felt like Goldilocks and the 15 bears!
This line of camera bags from ThinkTank Photo is the real deal. Just pick one up.
And check out the new sleek line called LilyDeanne. every wedding shooter, or photog who works an upscale venue will want this bag.

OK, now onto cameras.

A friend of mine once said when someone asked him whether they should get Canon or Nikon, he says “YES”! Sony has joined that pantheon but not to the same extent. yet.
I have been a Nikon shooter my entire life. From a Nikkormat as a teenager, to a used Nikon F, always in my camera bag for back-up, this camera company has never let me down.
From an outstanding array of glass, some of which I have had for over 20 years, to the ergonomic design of the entire DSLR line, Nikon has been my brand.
As a music shooter in my twenties, Nikon Professional Services took care of me when I needed to get the right lenses and wasn’t sure I could afford them all.
These days, I still use a Nikon D700, and have a Nikon D810 as my main camera for events.
Yes, the holy trinity of lenses is always in the bag on a shoot: 14-24/2,8, 24-70/2.8, a 70-700/2.8, a 1.4 teleconverter, and a sweet 20mm 2.8 that as also never let me down. Auto-focus may be the best in the biz, I love the color, right out of the camera, and batteries last like crazy.
The Nikon F was camera that was always in my bag and always worked. You could hammer nails with it all day, and it’ll still shoot straight.
With large beautiful files, the ability to shoot stunning video (which I may start to do: more about that later)
And the ability to use the lenses I’ve had forever.
So I know everyone has their favorite, and there will always be that new one coming down the block.
And I’ll give em all a spin.
Heck, I’m carrying a Fuji 100T as my walkaround camera. Still working out some details on it.

I just wanted to share what I have found to be gear workhorses in my photographic life. Reviews on the new stuff is coming up.
Don’t get me started on software!!

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