Fuji X-T2 : Hands On First Look

Foto-Care in NYC held a special event on 7/28, with the brand new Fuji X-T2.
Only operational unit in NYC. I brought along an X-T1, for comparison, with a 56 1.2. There were a few of us waiting to handle the one unit, so didn’t have a ton of time.
Did shoot some frames, see below, but Lightroom cannot read the RAF (RAW at this time), so I’ll post a JPeg right out of the camera with no adjustments.
In the images below, the X-T1 is on the left,with 35mm, and the X-T2 on the right, with 56mm. The X-T2 also comes with an Extended eye-cup.


First impressions:
A little bigger, although the additional size and weight were not a detriment.
The hand grip, while it does add 2 batteries, giving you a needed total of 3, is well designed, although the additional size and weight is a consideration.

Still lighter than my DSLR set-up, but not the game changer overall weight that the X-T1 was.
The 2 locking buttons for the shutter and ISO, is a very welcome addition. You can turn the lock button on or off, with a simple move.
There is an additional metering choice on the wheel under the shutter speed wheel, but didn’t get the stats.
The LCD is articulated as before, With the addition of a vertical swing out, as well as the well known horizontal flips. Higher quality screen as well.
Notice the red video button is now gone? Plus 4K.
Big news for me was the blazing fast start-up time, and additional focus points. Shooting a lot of music, those concerns took the camera out for me in those situations.
Looks like that will be taken care of now.
Can’t wait to try it out in a real world situation.
I’ll admit that the Nikon DSLRs will be with me, as well as the Fuji, for a side by side check out.

Here is a jpeg, right out of the camera:
Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.09.24 AM

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