Focus & Filter : Great Deal to Step Up Your Photography – Under $15!

You have the new camera, and have figured out that the upgrade in your photographs is massive. How do you take the next steps? Want to crush it in the photo contests, and social media? Or maybe you just want to be the master of your photo domain?
The camera manual has some good info, now it’s time to expand the horizons.
Andrew Darlow, photo book writer, has come out with a new tome which is geared to the intermediate and advanced photographer titled : “Focus & Filter, Professional techniques for Mastering Photography and capturing the Perfect Shot”

Almost 200 pages, with 50 assignments you can try after walking through the lessons, to prove the technique. Worth $15?

Oh, heck yes! (actually only $14.24 on Amazon) C’mon,it’s only $13 on Kindle!

The 4 major sections cover:
1. Mastering your DSLR – remember, this is a computer with tools and menus that go deep. Maybe much deeper that you have ever been. With 19 tips, he walks you through a tour of your camera, no matter which model, to help you understand the tools available.

2. Shopping Smart. Photography can give you G.A.S.. ( gear acquisition syndrome). The next shiny thing may make your photos better. Or sit in a drawer or closet. 8 tips here to help you figure out what you may need. Or want. My only issue with this section is that very specific brands and models are called out, and while not bad calls, manufacturers improve and remove products from the line all the time. So, even if you can’t get the exact product suggested, read past that to just understand why he reccos certian products. Solid thinking.

3. Studio Mastery – Probably the scariest, and commitment area, after your camera/lens category. When you work with available light, experience will lead you to the right angles to show the scene or subject the best. In a studio or artificial lighting situation, it’s on you to create that reality. This section gets into the gear, and ends with a section on easing your models, and how to chat them up. There ares some ok ideas, but you as the photographer needs to craft the best approach. gear is easy, lighting not as much, and communicating with your subject, the most critical of all. Some good jumping off points, but practice. A lot.

4.Shooting in the Field. You’re out and about, and all geared up. This section seems to highlight your role as the photog in the group during various activities. Beach, aquarium,birds, state fairs, food (in a restaurant) and of course, fireworks.

Honestly, some great tips, and Andrew has presented it in an easy to grasp style. There will always be the folks that feel it’s dumbed down, too advanced, or like Goldilocks, just right.
For the price, under $15 on Amazon, you can’t go wrong. I’d also challenge any photographer out there who after going through the book either says, “yep, that’s my solution as well, explained simpler” or” wow, that’s a method I have to try”. It’s great for you to give as a gift to the enthusiast, or try the assignments yourself, to prove just how well the solutions work.

Solid reccos on the gear, just pace yourself. GAS can be painful.

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