Holiday Gift Guide Part 3 – The Other Items

Sure, you may have hit some sales, and had the basics, well now we bring you some things that have been tried and tested for your gifting pleasure.
Apple AirPods

First thing I said when i saw these was that I didn’t even own them, and I’ve already lost them!
OK, So I bought them, and they are outstanding! There are other options, but the Apple elegance of the buds and the charging case is phenomenal.
With 5 hours of life, plus the case holds another 24 hours and they recharge fast in :15 min.
Also, the phone capability is so good, all of the folks I chat to while walking down a NY street, are amazed at the quality.
And depending on your photo group affiliation, you can get a discount at Apple. Stay away from the knock-offs. Cheaper, and there is a reason for that.

If you want the extra security for the case, these silicon rubber cases do a great job. By Catalyst, they hug the case, and the top rolls down to get you access . Add a carabiner, and you are hooked and good to go. $25

Who doesn’t love AND need a great media card case?

The Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket is the winning hand and affordable as a stocking stuffer. I’m now replacing all of my CF card cases with the SD ones. Holds 9 SD cards, and about $17.00

Need to do a quick shot of a product, or sell your old gear on EBAY?
Foldio has a fold up solution, with strips of LEDS, additional light panels and an available spinning turntable for the little bit of motion to really sell the item. $70

You must have a monopod somewhere in your arsenal, and this Sirui Monopod has the right size for compactness, and sturdy feel for stability. I paid about $100.

For video, check out the range of Manfrotto monopods. The fluid mini tripod legs on one with a good head will make your run and gun vids a pleasure, especially in those tight spaces. This one is my first choice About $235., and well worth it.

Sure, you know the Black Rapid Straps, a new standard in the camera world.
Well, they came out with one of the most ingenious items this past fall. The Wander Bundle.

It’s a phone clip that integrates with your phone case, and comes with a wrist strap, a carabiner, or simply use as a little tongue to pull the phone from your bag, pants, or other pocket.
Love this thing! Only $16.00

And make sure you stock up on Tiles, the best tracking device out there. Go for the pro model.
I have one in each camera case, and with a newly extended range, and a louder ring, makes sure you know where your bags are.
And in reverse, you can locate your phone by pressing on the unit. It will make your phone start playing a tune so you can find it.
Yes, have used this feature more than twice.

It has been a spectacular year for cameras, and they deserve their own postings. Coming soon will be a review of the Nikon D850. The files are incredible, straight out of the camera, and now with a silent mode, one for the high consideration list.

If we don’t speak before, Merry Christmas, and thank you for all of your support for the past 12 years!

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