The Best Way to Top Off Your New Camera

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I have always skipped generations on cameras as I feel that I’ll get the life out of my current bodies before I’ll see enough upgrades. Glass is forever, but the little computers we hold in our hands (ok, sensor upgrades) will keep getting better.

Having just done the research on the new Fuji X-T4, it was time. So many reasons for the upgrade from X-T2, but prime ones: in body IBIS, flippy screen, headphone jack, separate stills/video switch. 

Wish the headphone jack didn’t need a separate dongle, but have just dedicated a 3.5 mm headset to the dongle. Not a big deal. Working on a bluetooth solution. Concerned about latency.

But I digress.

The first thing is with new/new to you is the camera unboxing. Making sure all of the parts are there, get that hand feel on the body, to see what the physical updates are, and of course, charging the battery. Full charge, remember!

By staying with one line of cameras, the menu systems are usually familiar, and you can start to see any changes to that, which could affect your way of shooting. Usually not huge. And I’ll admit I do scour manufacture sites to see what the they call out as new.

So…..battery was charged, menu set and buttons customized to your preferred way of shooting, and now what?

My final bit of getting the camera ready for it’s first shoot comes with the addition of the SpiderLight Hand Strap. This is my absolute favorite hand strap, and sits on all of my cameras. The Lite version, as opposed to Pro, sits better for me on mirrorless. Pro adds another safety strap, if you like, for security more on the larger DSLRs.

Here is the main process of getting it installed. It’s easy, and I always feel secure and comfortable, even on a long day hold.

There is a hex wrench mount bit that goes through the camera eyelet, and is very secure. The 3 snap feature works to nail down the strap.

By sliding the bottom part of the strap, you can customize the fit for your hand, and way of shooting.

To attach to the tripod hole on your camera, and complete the strapping, you can use the included 1/4-20 screw, a BlackRapid Fastenr, or my favorite, from Zhiyun, the Weebill S TransMount Quick Setup Kit 1/4″ Thread Mount 

Yes, it’s a mouthful, but I have incorporated these on to my rigs.

With a pressurized pull down, you have one part, male, always on the camera, and the bottom part, female, always on the tripod, monopod, etc.

BTW, no sexism meant on the description. Once connected it is a super solid secure fit.

So that is how I top off my new/new to me cameras!  To be clear, I do buy used cameras, hence the expression new to me.

One more thing: The walkaround bag I use is the Peak Design Sling. With the zipper top opening close to my body, I can reach in, grab the camera by the handstrap, shoot, and place bag in the bag in a very fast, fluid motion.

Peak Design Sling Bag, on my body, looking down.
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