No More Dingle Dangle With Your Phone battery!

This item just came in from the folks at Mophie. The Juice Pack Connect!

You know em, you love, and they have been taking care of your mobile battery needs for years.
Now that smartphones can charge wirelessly, many of us have been depending on A: an external battery with a cable, or B: laying your phone onto a charging stand or discs.
While this stops your easy use of the phone, it may not be convenient.
Mophie came out with a system, that includes a wireless battery, a small flat dock for your phone, and have incorporated a phone stand as well.

By using the square disc on the back, you can slide in the juice pack and get about a 70% power boost. They kept it down so you can keep it light.

Plus you can keep it on your phone and it charges from a wireless charger!

Or you can go back to the dingle dangle-

When i need more juice, I will bring a bigger battery, but this solution is so simple and elegant, that it is becoming my walkabout battery.
About $80 on their site, and today (12-14-2020) there is an additional 25% discount!

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