Real World Review – Fuji S-10 FTW In The Street

I’ll admit it.
There is a holy grail search for the best camera for the street photographers. Mirrorless is a winner from my perspective, and yes, size matters.
True, there will forever be discussion, comparisons, preferences.
Potato, Potatoe. ( Fuji, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Leica are all great choices!)

Tried a bunch, and I’m a Fuji photographer: love the files, and camera designs feel right. What’s up with this new one, the S-10?

In the Goldilocks scheme of things, my Fuji ranges are this: one is small, my X-100f, one is heavier, the X-T4, with much more capability.
The things I love about the X-T4 : Ibis, dual card slot, bigger battery, dedicated movie mode, ability to shoot 4k FLOG 400mps in movie mode (shot 2nd unit for a feature with this) and using the full compliment of Fuji Lenses.
And just the ergonomics. Top design is outstanding, and all of my controls are right there.
The X-100 series, is slim, leaf shutter, fixed lens, and a no-brainer for me, as it also fits right in my jacket pocket. Great for that simple walkabout.

So why the S-10??

The S-10 comes in right at the middle!

And on paper the Fuji S-10 covered a lot of bases.
First thing you notice, is the S-10 smaller than the X-T4,

It uses interchangeble lenses, and battery is the same battery I use for the 100F.
The dial design seems to be aimed at the newer user, as shooting modes are displayed on top.the old PSAM range (program, aperture, shutter speed, manual)
There is a dedicated ISO button to change up your ISO in manual, although you can create 3 separate auto ISO ranges, so you can set and forget.

It can take only 1 SD card, and UHS I only, so no back-up in the body.
The LCD is fully articulating, much like the X-T4, so great for vlogging.

IBIS (lens stabilization) is built in so that helps both the newbie, and the pro for a better chance at a sharp image.
The video capabilities are quite strong. mic inputs and headphones with an included dongle.

I can see how that saves space on this body, same as the X-T4. Still wish the X-T4 had a regular headphone jack like the X-T3, but I digress.

There is a built in flash, not super strong but fine for the friend snaps, or a fill light.

You can customize all of the buttons on this body, which I find super useful to match my other Fuji bodies for consistency.
On that point, when I first started to shoot with it, it did take a moment to get into the rhythm of fast changes in the controls.
Not a steep learning curve.
The body build overall is solid, and felt well built in the hands.
When you talk about basic ergonomics, the S-10 works, although if you have large hands, you may want to put it in your hands before purchasing.

What am I missing from the X-T4? not a whole heck of a lot, and at under $1000 vs $1700, the S-10 is a darn good deal.
The highlights:

*The LCD is fully articulated, and can be reversed to close in on body and be protected.
*The excellent Fujifilm algorithms for the classic film types, so you can adjust your jpegs in camera.
*Built in stabilization (IBIS)
*One SD card slot
*smaller battery
*smaller footprint overall than the X-T4

For the full story, here is a link to a comparison chart of the S-10 and the X-T4.

Yes, this a high recco piece of kit. If you are currently in the Fuji system, you have the lenses. If not, get the XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 R LM OIS lens, which is corresponds to a 27-84mm equivalent focal length. I use that lens all the time, and dang happy with it. Great for video as well. Or you can go for the 16-80mm, with an equivalent 24-120mm-equivalent zoom which gets you a longer reach with an f/4 all the way through the focal range.

I may have to add this to the camera bag. I walk around NYC all the time, and ounces count!

Whether you are new to the Fuji system, or looking for an add -on, this camera will not disappoint.

and a little vid from BH

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