The Day The Computer Died…

It served me well.
For over 10 years my Mac Pro tower was my daily companion.
Photo editing, video editing, and those oh so long hours looking at social posts I didn’t need in my life.
With 2 screens and the ability to plug in a myriad of external drives, it was an upgradable powerhouse.
And I say was because, well, it was time to be replaced. Didn’t want to but had to.
Programs were no longer able to upgrade from the old Tech.
And the number of crashes were killing me.
What to get?
Apple had just come out with the cheese grater tower, with a $6k starting price. Nope.
So, I was on the hunt for a previous model.
EBAY? CraigsList?

Sure, some of the specced out packages looked good, but who were the sellers? Lots of positive feedback, read well, but this would be a substantial purchase.
I was concerned.
So I went to OWC site, also known as MacSales and started to wander around.
This company is reputable, I trust them, and have done business with before, but never on this large of a purchase.
I made a few calls to sales and the tech dept, gingerly describing what I needed for speed, RAM, etc.. They answered all patiently, made suggestions, but never a hard sell.

I have to say, I was not disappointed with the conversations.

Relieved, actually. This was a lot of dough, and I was looking for some competent advice.
I also wanted to be assured that what I would get, was warrantied, tech supported, AND returnable. Just in case.

After much deliberation, I went with a Mac Pro trash can. You know, the one that is a cylinder, and looks sleek? The one I bought was new/old stock, IE brand new, never opened, except to spec it out for my needs.

Once I got it, the good techs at OWC gave me step by step migration instructions so could get all material transferred over to my new computer, from the old. Easy Peasy!

Then I came into some other issues: Cables to connect things, as this unit is a Thunderbolt 2, and USB computer.
I had way more things to plug in, than outlets on the new unit.
Once again, I consulted with OWC and got a Thunderbolt 3 dock.

I know, I know, 3, not 2?
Well, some of my newer devices were UBC 3 and USB C.
It did require getting some adapters to go from the unit to the computer.

Now, the Mac Pro, while sleek looking, has a spiderweb of cable coming from it, and I wanted a bit more of a cleaner look.
I called them for any possible solutions, and they had a simple one: get a longer cable between the dock and the computer, and hide the dock! Genius!!

With all of my calls, they wanted to make sure totally happy was good with my purchase, and they had a new idea:
A dongle that I could connect both of my monitors to, and only take up ONE outlet!! Yes, 4K compatible.

Had to have. I know more pluggable things are coming, so I’ll take any extra outlets I can!
One thing to note is that you need to add a keyboard and mouse. I just used the one from my older Mac Pro, and life is good. Did treat myself to wireless keyboard when i wanted to use my TV as the monitor.

One of the last things I purchased was a warranty, that included the cost of shipping.
Being an Apple products owner for years, I know this is a good investment, and like I said, I trust OWC.

What’s the upshot of all of this?
If you are going to replace a computer, or buy another, put your trust in OWC to make your purchase.
With great customer service, tech support, warranty avail, and all of the extras you may need to customize your rig, you can’t go wrong.
They help you get what you need. Try that with EBAY.

And yes, I bought the computer with my own money.
This is not a sponsored post.
Hopefully just a helpful one. OWC made it easy

NG: shortly after the new Mac Pro came out last year, they introduced the M1 chip. Felt like I dodged a bullet. And save a ton of dough!

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