Fuji Instax Mini Link II – Perfect Companion to Your Smartphone

The instant print game is pretty much owned by Fuji with the Instax line of printers.
That is not an opinion, it a fact.
As an Instax enthusiast forever, I love the instant gratification of the print in hand, and while I enjoy all the phone filters I can use to digitally share photos, there is something about a physical thing in your hand.

Have a look at this vid for a great walk through at this new addition:

This printer has been designed to work primarily with your smartphone, and of course, it’s so much more than just a simple printer.

First of all, once you download the app, and it is super easy to connect to your phone, and start to explore the options.

You can infinitely adjust the photo with color filters, and on this shot, I also added a heart, which is in the app.

You can also write on the photo with a selection of virtual brushes, or add different frames, as you can see here. You can see by the NEW labels , they are always updating!

Also you can collage the images, and one of the most fun is the match test.

Admittedly, when I saw this feature, I wasn’t quite sure how it worked or when you may use it.

You can take a photo of 2 people, or get 2 photos of people from your phone and get started.
There is a test that asks you to answer questions, another that just analyzes the images, and determines a % of compatibility
I was sitting with some family, and the mother and daughter couldn’t wait to try it!
They did the questions, was a tone of fun, and the Mini Instax printed out a souvenir for them with the analyses.
The evidence in the hand was worth everything~

Another interesting app feature is the QR code for video. This is from my rooftop, and you can scan the QR code, but you will need to have the app on your phone to see and hear the vid.


Now, you have to shoot the video on the phone, within the app, but imagine singing happy birthday on a smartphone vid, printing a still frame, and having a QR code on the print, and the birthday person can scan the code, and hear everyone singing.
Yes, you can forward a video, but I’m telling you, to have the hard print in hand is such a great physical gift.
Heck, last I looked birthday cards are still available and sent all the time.

The app needs a little tweaking to make it easier fro the recipient to see. You can see it in within the app.

So cool.

And of course there is more!

You can add spray paint, bubbles, an icon or an image onto a photo.
The printer itself also has an accelerometer in it to adjust the zoom feature on the screen by just moving the printer.
Cool tech, just didn’t find it useful. Oh well.

For me, having a printer in my bag to immediately give away a gift, and share a moment, is key.

I will say that as this printer is made for fun with a group.

So many great options to make a creation on the spot and share.
Truth be told, on my coffee table I have a bunch of instax photos , and because they are the physical print it causes me to pick them up now and again, and remember the time.

I could be scrolling though my phone at the thousand of images on there, but having a select set of hard copy photos mean a whole lot to me.

For the cons, the only thing I would say is, like all printers, is the cost per print. At about .70 per print, it can add up.
And I would suggest playing with the unit to gauge how you like images to look when printed.
Personally, I go a hair darker and a little more contrast. Now I’m all set.

The link I have for you is indeed from amazon, and for about $110 USD you get the printer, 20 shots,  and a case. Not bad!

As I said, built for fun and interaction, this compact printer should be at your next gathering!

NB: I do still like the Fuji Wide Printer, that allows me to add a QR code on the image to send people to a specific website, like my photo website.
Another tool in the bag, perfect for a giveaway.

Yeah, I’m on board with Fuji Instax!

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