Holiday Gift Guide 2022 – #1 : Travel Tech

As we begin the Holiday Guides this year, we’re starting Gear for the Traveling Creator

Yep, we are def full on the road again, prices are a bit higher this year, and you need this tech to get you through it all.
And, as this is a traditional gift giving time, consider these things to give to those on your list!

Plus check out the Cyber Monday deals!. Always gear and tech centric.

If you are flying, we’d like to recco the Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones

Paired with the AirFly Pro.

Forget fumbling with wires. Just pop the AirFly into the headphone jack, and you are free to move around!
Plus they make one for 2 users as the same time.
Do not recco airpods or other earbuds on a plane, because , sure enough, you will drop one, and scrambling around on plane floors looking, is well, just disgusting.

As you pack for your trip, one thing that is always in my bag is the Peak Design Tech Pouch:

I keep a bunch of cables, multi USB docs, SSD Drives, a mini Bluetooth speaker, chargers, and more.
And if you want to treat yourself in the hotel, bring a Roku Streaming Stick. with remote, to plug into the hotel TV. Bring your Roku account with you on the road!

It becomes a solid pack filled with what I need on a trip.
One other item I travel with are these Hydration packets. Easy to pack and do the trick. Whether it’s late nights, entertaining, or being entertained, these are always on hand.

No one likes to get to their seat on the plane only to realize there is no overhead storage left
And you don’t want your equipment flying the belly of the plane.

I use an SKB case with a ThinkTank designed gear backpack designed for the case.

You can either take out the backpack and out it under your seat, and let the hard case get checked, or if you are brave check the whole thing. Super solid case

For my carry-on as I have to have main gear with me, so no baggage delays on the other end
I have 2 go-tos

One is the Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag. Room for 2 bodies, 3 lenses, batts,etc, and a Laptop with charger

Shoulder bag with a handle. And the headphones.
Also can be slipped over a handle of your luggage.

My other choice is a bit Stealth: It’s an Oakley Icon 2.0 Backpack. 2 side pockets I slide lenses into, a Laptop pocket with an alt side zip for access.
A top pocket for sunglasses, gum, (be kind to travel neighbors) batts, media cards,biz cards. I still do use them as the photos in the are a keeper.

In the front zipped pocket, I can put another lens, and usually a smaller cam, like a Fuji 100v.
In the main bag area go the camera bodies, and sometimes a speedlight. And the headphones.
Been partial to the Profoto A1x these days.
I always carry a Playtypod in either bag as it’s one the best portable camera tripod/bases around. and add a tripod head for the most versatility

Simple, solid, and always a help.
And of course
Batteries for everything.

Are these carry on bags light? Nope, but you will have your gear with you when you get off the plane.

The gear I pack are my personal choices based on what I will be shooting. Interviews, portraits, event, etc.. It all changes what get’s packed.

When you get where you’re going you’ll want to keep everything charged of course.
Currently I’m using the Anker 747 block to charge any USB-C gear, plus an extra USB -A port.

Lost of power, as you can use one port to charge a laptop. Super fast

Then in the room my fave option for charging my phone, watch, and airpods, is the Mophie 3-in-1 travel charger with Mag-Safe

I’ve tried other travel options, but on the road, the last thing I want to wake up to is a dead, or near dead, phone.

A little more expensive but peace of mind is worth every penny.
BTW, magsafe helps keep the phone on the charger!

One other thing that always goes with me, are some Baggu bags. They fold up to nothing, and whether you are getting some dinner or snacks, or even picking up some tech samples to check out, these are the bags to get.

Hold a lot, are very strong, and super lightweight.

One product I wrote about earlier this year could be a sleep aid. The Morphee

Not drugs, but an analog style digital device that packs alot of tech into its beautiful wood body that has a plethora of audio options to lull you to sleep.
What I like about it is, it works great, is a separation of gear at night, tactile
No kidding.

Should you pack a water bottle? Yes.
Should it be a S’well? Maybe. They do have some weight, but will keep your drinks hot or cold. Like the coffee you grab from the hotel before going out.


Last but not least, are tracking devices for your bags. There are 2 current industry leaders: Apple AirTag and Tile.
I’ve used both, and it does give me a sense of security. They are in my carry-on, checked bag, and of course, my gear bag.


That are some of the basics I find are great to pack, and great to gift!

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