Holiday Gift Guide #3 – Phone Stuff!

The phone as a camera has taken over any need for a point and shoot camera. The camera brands have known this for years. The improvements keep on coming, and you just have to make sure you are charged up ALL THE TIME!

As we all start to become one with wireless charging, the options are pretty darn massive!

I will say that MagSafe has been a game changer, where a magnet in a phone and/or a phone case will connect your phone to the charger in just the right place to charge.
I have run through a few charging mats or circles that you have to be quite specific in where the phone is placed, so you don’t end up with a dead phone, thinking you had charged it enough.
At least with MagSafe, the phone locks onto the proper place, so charging can begin in earnest.

Here are some tested chargers, that you may want to add to the gifting list.

Twelve South The HiRise 3

Built in watch charger with the ability to use a bracelet type of band, Charger area for the phone that magsafe, and a useable angle.
The feet are grippy, and I will admit, when I first started to us it, it was way too slippery.

Till I took off the clear plastic and the feet were able to grip the surface. And they are non stick!
Even on wood there are no marks. Of course, like most, you charge your airpods on the base as well

Then we have the Mophie.

More angle choices for the phone, the watch charger is not included, but if you have a watch, IOS or Android you must have a charger cable, somewhere, right?

Weighted base so you can be secure in moving the phone around to get the optimum angle.

Looks great in black.

One thing that irks me a little is that both of the above chargers need an additional item to work, or to work fully: The HiRise needs a USB adaptor to plug in to the wall.
The Zagg needs a watch charging cable. Now I had an extra charger block for the HiRise, and had a watch charger from previous chargers.
I like them both for different reasons, but wish they put everything you need in the box.

And since you will probably be entertaining more this holiday season, your guests may need a charge.
The best looking, and functional one I have seen is made by Zens.

With a clear surface so you can see all of the charging elements, it matches form and function.

2 phones can go in it, and there are tiny LED lights in the back, so you know it’s charging!
It can take a watch charger, but if this is primarily for guests, they probably won’t need to charge their watch

For Travel,  it’s the mophie 3-in-1 for the win.

Quality product with a lot of power, especially for the phones (yep, the like a more powerful charger)

When I’m on the road, I don’t want to take a chance of waking up in the hotel room and having a dead phone. Or watch.

Plus, it looks deluxe, and works the same.

On cases, I’d recco a simple case from Speck. After trying a few, the speck has a great selection and have no issues on wireless charging.

Many times, there are sellers with knock-off cases right outside Apple store. Great prices but, if you’re going to buy, I’d try it out by going back into the Apple store to make sure it charges.

And a surprise for me this year, is this product from Zagg: Gear4 Ring Snap 360

For the folks who are, or were, hooked on pop sockets, and since the pop socket interferes with wireless charging, this item is perfect:

Magnetic, so it connects securely to your phone through a case, and the inner ring allow you to use it as a kick stand, horizontal or vertical, with enough stiffness to support the phone.

And the best part is that you can remove it simply from the phone for charging. Best phone accessory stocking stuffer!

There you have it! Sure, many choices out there and more coming next year!

Stay tuned for the next Holiday Gift Guide!



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