My Perfect Traveling Podcasting Set-up

Sure, I have a rig at home that serves me well, and during the pandemic became my weekly go to.
Now that I’m on the road more, I needed a more portable set-up and here is where I landed.
And why.

The Mainstay is the Zoom PodTrak P4

With the capability of 4 mics, a jingle pad, ability to do remote interview via phone, sweet pre-amps AND battery powered, it is the jam.
Most of the time I will use 2 mics
If in someone’s office, I use the Shure SM58s and 2 Manfrotto PIXI tripods, along with 3.5 mm headphones. The high quality, and yes affordability of the mics, make it the go-to.
The tripods, and I’ve tried a bunch, are the perfect size and height. I do add the mic holders. Want some more details on the Manfrotto PIXI? Here you go!

Now the Zoom PodTrak P4 has one drawback as it doesn’t have a ¼-20 tripod socket
So, I use a phone holder with a tripod hole, and add another Manfrotto Pixi tripod to give me good eyeline and access to the mixer

Want some more details on the Manfrotto PIXI? Here you go!

The earphones are the inexpensive kind I buy in minor bulk, so interviewees can keep them.

In my office, I use Sony 7056, but on the move, prefer a less intrusive set.

I have used alt mics, as in lavalier mics in this set-up. Sometimes I use Sanken, sometimes Tram-50, and depending on what’s in my bag, a Rode lavalier.

You do need to have some Rode 3.5 mic adaptors for the PodTrak when using lavaliere.

And I have used the Rode Wireless Go II system as well. That set-up does let me have 2 mics going into one mic input.

On the jingle pad, seen here in the center of the mixer, the place where you can add your open and closing music, and any sound effect you want, works great, although there’s one disadvantage:

The sounds must be set on the removable SD card, which is where you are also saving your recording of your program.

It is a little bit of a pain, but I always just download the recorded show, and leave the sound effects on the card. The SD card can hold a lot, so don’t worry.

You can easily do a remote interview via phone, and even add that person onto a 3-4 way conversation. When you do a phone connection you do lose one mic input.
If you are doing a location podcast, you really don’t need more that 4 people.

On the power: you can use any battery pack that has a USB-C plug, or a DC plug
I prefer the mophie battery which is compact, has a ton of juice, fast charging, AND if I need to, I can charge my phone, it has the extra input
Highly recco this to power the set-up.
It does take 4 X AA batteries but it does eat them like candy. External battery is the way to go.

On the removable media card to record, you probably have some spares in your kit, but I’m partial to SanDisk for this setup.

To transport it all I do have a case packed up my Amazon to protect the mixer while in transit, plus it also holds all of my needed cables for connections. And yes, that is a cable I use to do remote phone interviews, via my iPhone 14

And then, I use a HEX bag to carry it all.

By the way, one of the cables I carry can also connect direct to my camera in case I want to record directly to a video of the podcast. I use a Fuji H2, but you can go with an Action Cam for size as well.

I hope some of these items can help you when you looking into building your own set-up.
The cables you may want to add are a personal preference, and depending on the way you may use it.
As i mentioned, I keep cables in the bag for adding a video camera, and a remote interview, via the phone. Plus the USB-C short cable to add the eternal battery

Even if you’re not portable, a lot of the above components will be great with a stationary unit.

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