CES 2023 Part 2 – What You May Actually Be Able to Buy!

If there is one thing I’ve learned from years attending CES is that a lot of the products you see may never make it to market.
Development deals, supply chain for components, and perhaps just the marketplace.
Since we are here at Photoinduced, I like to see what products may help you as a creator to help you make content.
Or sometimes there are tools that enhance your business life and are small things that play big.
ONE NOTE: I have not been able to road test ANY of these products, was just able to handle them. A real world review will be forthcoming once I can actually use the products.

The biggest news in photoland was the new Panasonic GH6 series camera, that brings your hybrid still and video life to a whole new level.

Know forever as one of the best Hybrids out there, new specs bring it back to the top cameras for consideration. 4K in slow motion!
Am I saying you should switch your whole system?
But maybe this is the camera that fits the bill for compact hybrid shooting, especially if one camera is what you want to keep the bag light.
And another camera in the Lumix  line, the S1H this is the first mirrorless camera approved for use on NetFlix Original content.

Then Zacuto showed off their Smartphone rig, The Smart Z Finder, with all kinds of options for add-ons.

Handle, shoulder mount, cold shoe mounts, etc. But the biggest news on this is the design:
With a cut out of the main holder, you can easily adjust your video app, such as Filmic Pro, by just reaching in from the side!

There was another version of this by another company a few years ago, but now that phones have been constantly improving, this could be your next go to rig. Truth be told, after 2 days of press events, using a full on camera, I moved to my iPhone 14 Pro, with a beast grip, and a SmallRig handle and light to capture the event

Speaking of phones, a company called Accsoon, showed off a system allowing you to use your phone as a monitor for your camera, with a simple hook-up, and run by a classic NP type battery.

Perfect for live streaming with hi-end glass
Will I put away my Ninja V? probably not.
But when I want to lighten the load, this looks like perfect solution.

Then I saw a set of new cameras and a printer from a company called Pickit- 3 sizes of the camera, plus a standalone printer. Like the polaroids of old, there are no lens choices, however..

They claim that the cost cost per print is about 30 cents! And the quality of the paper was so good! You can print 4×6, 3×3 or 2×3 prints
OK, while I loved seeing this, I went to the other side of the booth and it was KODAK!!
Yep, company owned by Kodak, just different branding. Interesting call. Looks like they are coming after Fuji, who currently owns the instant print market. Kodak has had a few failed attempts in this category. Let’s see how this one goes!

For the content creators that write scripts, and you should, Neweer displayed the latest teleprompter in their line. A nice big 17” screen, remote control that will let you adjust the speed of the scroll and enlarge the copy if you need, a carrying case, and rest of the mounting hardware.
You do need to add your own tablet, but you knew that.

For instance, the blackout covering for the unit, is zippered, so it’s an easy set-up and wrap out.
Comes with a case and remote control You do need to control the speed and for those glasses wearers, you can enlarge the copy as it scrolls. This should be available now, and with a 15% discount.

Another trend is the wireless mic category.
AnkerWork, a division of Anker, whose products I really love, is introducing a new dual mic set-up that comes with a variety of color caps ( they are round) to customize depending on the wearers wardrobe.

Available in March, expect six hours of battery life and about 1.5 charges from the case.  It can go from a dead battery to fully charged in 90 minutes.

I know you’ve seen that on newscasts where depending on the clothing, the mic may be color coordinated.
It all comes in a case with the ability to recharge them, and holds the receiver as well

And there was one product that wasn’t new but massively upgrade with, yes, AI! The BirdBuddy
This bird feeder has a camera that is motion controlled ,so when your feathered friend come to nosh, they are captured on the camera, and then the species is identified by AI, and sends the info and visual and info to your phone.
How cool is that?
And one of the new features coming is a solar panel on the roof, so you shouldn’t have to worry about charging it up!

I know, all of the bird photographers will not have to give up their super long lenses, but for the rest of us, this is awesome!

A couple of other trends in products are computer docks.
Yep, whoda thunk it?
As we have been moving to USB C cables, we need more ports.
As you have probably figured out by now, the more USB-C ports you have , the more power you need to utilize them

Thunderbolt Go dock 

With all of the ports you need, and without the huge powerblock, we all have at the office, you’ll want to take this with you on assignment.

And this beauty which has saved me more times than I can say, always in the bag: Simply called the Travel Dock

As you can see, it also has an SD reader.

Another option, just in for review from EZQuest
8 ports with ability to not only add peripherals, but connect to an external monitor to increase the space.

Trust me we will be seeing a lot more of these, and soon, there will be a CFExpress reader on board as well. Progress!

Next up, have you ever been on a zoom call, and keep your phone handy to either side communicate, check emails, or dare I say, complete your Candy Crush levels?

Well, there was a preponderance of mag safe phone holders that attach to your laptops and can be used as a sidebar, or even on top of your laptop to use as an alt camera as well.
With smartphones now shooting 4K , it would be an upgrade for sure.

and this slick setup from Rolling Square. A full system, including the charging pad

Rolling Square has a definite sleek design, and the only questions I have, on all of these, is if the magnet holds the phone well enough. and on the one right above, how bright can the light be?

And the orgami kings, Moft, who make my favorite traveling laptop stand, enter this into the category:


And when you are on the road, you need a nice compact travel charger to take care of your goods so when you wake up, all is charged 100% and you are ready

STM showed off a sweet affordable folding travel charger that comes in a case!.
As a person who wears a smart watch with a bracelet band, I need to hang it onto to a charging dongle .
This thing has it all! And it does come with a travel case

There was an updated photo editing software, Luminar Neo, which showed off some image correction live, and it was very impressive and can be a LR plug or PS pluginWhew! there were many more products, just don’t want to bore you.

Very impressive! Have a wheel through with the link, and see if it’s what you need. Or want. Or want to try!

And that’s what i have right now!  There were many more products, just don’t want to bore you. Once actual products are in hand, I’ll do real world reviews.

BTW, one of the big pieces of new for travelers was Delta announcing free wifi for all members!

So the days there were 8 AM till about 10 PM everyday, but we were treated well. Free lunch!!

Here is the line:

Truth be told, meeting fellow content creators was a nice respite from walking the floors. Met some very nice people from all over the world.





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