Small, Discreet, And Worthy

We are on a hunt.
Oh, sure, we love the DSLR and the glass. Huge files, big zoom, lotta sensor, and technology that can shoot an assignment using algorithms used to make mathematicians weep, in the firm grip of your hands.
But life won’t always let you bring that tool into play. Circumstances may not allow it.
Like in an evening event that you have not been hired to cover.
C’mon, you are just there having fun, right?
However, like most of us, leaving the house without a camera, is like going commando; you feel a little naked.
So you bring the point and shoot. Does it create an unsightly lump in your pants or jacket ? (do NOT go there). Make you appear to have overstuffed your pockets? Give you a slight limp?
The ladies have an advantage with the purse, but dudes? SOL.
And when you pull it out from it’s hiding place, have you dragged all of the contents of your pocket with it?
Been there, don’t want to go back.
Like we said: small , discreet and worthy.

In the next few weeks , we’ll be checking out the field and seeing what sleek advances, the top manufacturers have come up with.
Starting with Canon and the SD 780 IS in this video.

Yeah, we know you saw another awesome point and shoot in there. Waterproof, cold proof, kinda drop proof. More on that one another time.

The question is how much DO you have to give up in the tiny package ? Well, we’ll be getting some hands on experience in the next while and reporting back in to let you know what we found.
Using the cameras like we said. In real world reviews.
Any suggestions on cameras for us to check out ?
We’ll contact the manufacturers and get units to test.

Wish us luck. The money you save, may be your own.
Party on.

Oh, by the way, Wyatt Neumann (featured in the article below) uses a point and shoot that he keeps in his back pocket. However since he also rides a motorcycle, he has gone though almost 12 in the coupla years.

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